Bangabandhu’s birth anniversary celebrated at UN mission and Consulate

BanglaPress Desk
March 18, 2021

Staff Reorter: Bangladesh Permanent Mission to the United Nations and Bangladesh Consulate General New York jointly celebrated the birth centenary of the greatest Bengali of all time, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and National Children’s Day-2021. The day-long program is organized in two parts. Local time on Wednesday morning, the Permanent Mission and Consulate started the mid-day program by hoisting the national flag and performing the national anthem at their respective offices. Wreaths were then laid at the portrait of the Father of the Nation.
The morning program also included speeches by the President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Minister of State for External Affairs, open discussion and birthday cake cutting. Special prayers were offered at the Bangabandhu Auditorium of the Permanent Mission and at the Consulate General’s Auditorium separately in the morning for the soul of the martyred Father of the Nation and his family.
In the afternoon, Shishu Anandamela was held virtually through the participation of children in a joint venture of the Permanent Mission and the Consulate. In it, Bangabandhu’s historic speech on March 7 was presented with the participation of Bangladeshi children living in New York and the names of the winners of the ‘Letter to Bangabandhu by expressing one’s feelings’ were announced. Virtual videos and letters presenting the speeches of the winners were displayed at the event. The audience was mesmerized by the music, poetry readings and dance performances with the participation of the children. The raffle draw episode of the event brought extra joy to the participating children. In this virtual event of the afternoon, a childish graphics video was shown on his contribution to the national and international arena from the birth of the Father of the Nation to the birth of Bangabandhu, the freedom struggle of Bangladesh, the reconstruction of independent Bangladesh.

Ambassador Rabab Fatima, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the United Nations, delivered the welcome address in both the morning discussion session and the afternoon ‘Shishu Anand Mela’. Besides, the Consulate General of Bangladesh, Sadia Faizunnesa, Consul General of New York addressed in her welcome address, Ambassador Rabab Fatima said, “Bangabandhu and Bangladesh are bound by the same thread. The Father of the Nation has been at the forefront of every movement for the independence of Bengal, starting from the language movement. We have been given the gift of an independent and sovereign Bangladesh ”. She further said that under the able leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, daughter of the Father of the Nation, Bangladesh is moving forward at an indomitable pace with its head held high in the world today. On the occasion of Bangabandhu’s birth centenary, She quoted the slogan of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as “Diplomacy, Progress and Harmony of Mujib’s Year” and the theme of this year’s National Children’s Day “Bangabandhu’s Birthday, Let Child’s Life Be Colorful”. Ambassador Fatima highlighted how deeply the father of the nation loved children, the steps she has taken in her three-and-a-half-year government for the betterment of children. Ambassador Fatima called upon all, including parents, to come forward to inform the new generation growing up in exile about the struggling life of the father of the nation and to inspire patriotism since childhood. “Everyone’s home is a school, and we are the teachers of our children,” She said. It is our responsibility to inform the children about the history and heritage of Bangabandhu and Bangladesh. ” The New York expatriate children presented the Father of the Nation’s March 7 speech on the occasion of Father of the Nation’s birth anniversary and National Children’s Day organized by the Permanent Mission and Consulate. She read out a letter written by the Prime Minister to the children.children.

Sadia Faizunnesa, Consul General of the Bangladesh Consulate General in New York, said, “Bangabandhu’s humane and fearless childhood history, his intellect and wisdom and his life’s ideals inspire our children and adolescents to stand up against injustice.” He called for spreading the dreams and ideals of the father of the nation among the new generation.
In this critical context of Covid-19, the morning episode was organized in a concise form and the afternoon episode was virtually organized with utmost importance on the protection of public interest in accordance with local policies and guidelines, UN Headquarters advice and national guidelines. The Permanent Representative said that as soon as the situation becomes normal, the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation and the golden jubilee of the great independence of Bangladesh will be celebrated in a festive atmosphere with due dignity.
Officers and staff of all levels of the Permanent Mission and Consulate, respectively, participated in the morning arrangements at their respective offices. In the afternoon, child artists from Bangladesh Institute of Performing Arts (BIPA) and Bangladesh Academy of Fine Arts (BAFA) in New York and representatives of various local socio-cultural organizations including children living in New York and their parents, US Awami League leaders and media personalities participated in the events.