Biden stumbles three times on stairs of plane

BanglaPress Desk
March 20, 2021

Staff Reporter: President Joe Biden When he climbed the Air Force One stairs on Friday, he stumbled and knelt many times. It is the latest in a series of incidents that raise his health concerns.
Biden, 78, was aboard an aircraft at Andrews Air Force Base shortly before noon for a flight to Atlanta when he stumbled. He grabbed the railing, stiffened and continued, but lost his foothold the second and third times.
On his third trip, he knelt down. After standing up and climbing the stairs, he salutes at the summit and disappears on board. Upon boarding the plane, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that he was “100 percent fine” and was preparing for a trip to Atlanta.
The White House Pool Report was published by a reporter who traveled with Biden within seconds of the fall, but was not widely reported by major news networks for about 30 minutes after it happened.
When he landed in Atlanta, President Biden stayed in AF1 for a while until Vice President Kamala Harris, who was flying separately in AF2, joined him. The White House said it was about discussing the agenda for the day.
Then she disembarked with him and he walked behind him slowly down the stairs.
Republicans, including Donald Trump Jr., said mild media coverage of Biden’s corruption is another example of “mainstream media” that gave Biden a gentle treatment after beating President Trump for four years. Stated.
Autumn also raises concerns about the president’s health and is the latest in a series of incidents coming the day after the president. Vice President Kamala Harris was called “President Harris.”
Upon reaching the top of the stairs, Biden salutes the army before disappearing into the aircraft.The White House says he is 100% well prepared for a trip to Atlanta
Earlier this week, Biden was also involved in a fierce confrontation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who wanted him to be “healthy” and withdrew his mission to the United States, which puts relations between the two countries in a dangerous territory.
Biden called Putin a “murderer” in an interview earlier this week and also said he would “pay” Russia for interfering with the 2016 elections.
The White House and Biden camps routinely downplay his health concerns and claim they deserve to be led.
Donald Trump Jr. said it was “no wonder” that the United States was being attacked by “enemy” Russia and China when Biden’s health was at stake.
Biden is the oldest president in history. Ronald Reagan was 77 when he left the office and 69 when he was elected.
Mr. Trump was 70 when he was elected and 74 when he resigned earlier this year. Throughout his campaign, Biden repelled Trump’s nickname for him-Sleepy Joe. He also enjoyed Trump’s health once or twice.
In September 2020, when Trump slipped on a wet ramp, Biden said in retaliation for Sleepy Joe’s comment: .. OK? come on. ‘
After the crash on Friday, many asked why the media, which enthusiastically reported Donald Trump sliding down the slope, did not show the same enthusiasm for reporting on Biden’s fall.
Donald Trump Jr. tweeted:’I remember the press bashing Trump once touching the rails. Biden collapses many times, but I’m sure he’s a picture of his health. No wonder all our enemies bounce off at the same time and publicly ridicule him.