Human-chain for gazette on quota-repeal announcement

BanglaPress Desk
May 13, 2018

DHAKA: Students, under the banner of Bangladesh General Students’ Right Protection Council, formed a human chain on DU campus, to press the government for issuing a gazette notification on cancelling quota system in public service jobs.

Hundreds of students took part in the human chain after staging protest at Teacher Student Center (TSC) of Dhaka University (DU) around 11am, as part of their countrywide demonstration Wednesday (May 9).

They were chanting various slogans including ‘Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu’ focusing the demand.

Earlier, joint convener of the student rights body Rashed Khan announced the program at a press briefing before the DU central library Tuesday (May 8).

He then said to continue peaceful demonstrations, to meet the demand.

However, the quota reformist student leaders earlier gave government an ultimatum to publish the gazette by April. But, the government didn’t make any formal move regarding this.

In wake of the students’ adamant movement, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on April 11 told the national parliament that the public service government jobs won’t have any types of quota.