Iftar of Friends and Family in Connecticut

BanglaPress Desk
June 6, 2018

Hartford Correspondent: The Iftar Mahfil was held for the first time in Manchester United’s Friends of Friends and Families in the United States. On Sunday evening, the Iftar Mahfil, held in an auditorium in Manchester, was attended by people of different classes of Manchester and surrounding areas.
A special munajat was held before the Iftar Mahfil held under the supervision of Friends and Family. Many people including Shad Chowdhury, Haroon Ahmed, Kabir Akhand, Ahsan Helal, Ahsan Faruk and Shahin assisted iftar mahfil.
The Friends and Family activists said that about three hundred people were present in the Iftar Mahfil held for the first time in the event of Friends and Family.