Why Pakistan is the birthplace of Dr. Ferdous passport?

BanglaPress Desk
June 25, 2020

Staff Reporter: Controversial Dr. of New York with the identity of the nephew of Bangabandhu’s murderer Khandaker Mostaq. As a result of Ferdous Khandaker’s stay in Pakistan, it has been alleged that the name of his place of birth is Pakistan in his American passport. Dr. revealed the incident. Many questions have been raised about the citizenship of Ferdous Khandaker. In fact, Bangladeshis living in the United States are thinking anew whether he is a Bangladeshi or a Pakistani.
A diplomatic source said Bangladeshi American citizens do not have to take a separate visa for Bangladesh as their passports have ‘No Visa Record for Travel to Bangladesh’ written on them. On June 23, he himself told the Bangladeshi media that he had to return to the United States as his visa had expired. He added that he would be back in the next two to three weeks and that the 20-member medical team that came with him would be engaged in serving corona patients in Bangladesh.
The diplomatic source further said that Dr. Ferdous Khandaker’s American passport had Pakistan written in place of Place of Birth. So did he enter the US with a Pakistani passport, which resulted in the US Immigration Department having to submit a Pakistani birth certificate at the time of legalization. According to the complaint, his uncle’s name was Mostaq, so he immigrated to the United States on a Pakistani passport pretending to be the niece of the killer Mostaq.
The source said that if he had been a Bangladeshi before taking citizenship in the US, his passport would have had a no visa record seal. The question is why he fled to Bangladesh to serve his motherland. Why did he become a citizen of Bangladesh and have Pakistan as his birthplace in his passport? Those born before 1971 have obtained birth certificates from independent Bangladesh. No one calls themselves Pakistani citizens. Although there are many Bangladeshis born abroad before 1971, there is no information that Pakistan is written in their passports, said a senior official working at the foreign desk of the foreign ministry.
The 20-member team that Ferdous Khandaker is talking about has also raised questions about who they are. Because he said 12 people when he left. Now 20 people are saying. He took a team of doctors to rescue the people of the country from Corona, but he never said who was in that team. The American Doctors Association BMAO does not know which doctors went with Dr. Ferdous. He is the only one in the spotlight. The government’s intelligence department is now reviewing whether there is any other secret behind it.
Meanwhile, after arriving in Bangladesh on June 7, he was sent to Banani from Dhaka Shahjalal Airport in a two-week quarantine. According to Ferdous Khandaker’s Facebook, after being released from 14-day quarantine, Sheikh Hasina rushed to the Burn and Plastic Surgery Institute on June 22 to donate plasma. Post with pictures of the great doctor as usual. The post was given by Haider Ali in Bangladesh instead of Shamim Al Amin, a paid employee of a well-known journalist. However, despite the change of name, both of them are journalists of the same magazine Kaler Kantho. As seen in Haider Ali’s post on Ferdous Khandaker’s Facebook, he gave an interview to the same journalist on the same day. That video has also taken a special place on the doctor’s Facebook and arrangements have been made to confuse thousands of people.
Let’s see what he wrote in the language of that journalist: Dr. Ferdous Khandaker, who came to Bangladesh from New York, gave his first interview to Kaler Kantha after 14 days of quarantine. He left his family and traveled thousands of miles to serve the country. Although there is no complaint, said the American expatriate. Ferdous Khandaker. ” The journalist also gave the latest news. Dr. Ferdous Khandaker of New York passed away on the morning of 23rd June. Earlier, a source said that Dr Ferdous Khandaker had admitted to the US Awami League leader that he had been in business with a Jamaat leader for a long time. It is known that the name of Dr. Ferdous Khandaker’s business partner is Ataul Osmani. He was the secretary of Chittagong Medical Jamaat.
The Muslim Ummah of North America is currently the Cultural Director of IQNA for short. 2019 Bangladesh Medical Association of America election. Opponents allege that Ferdous was a BNP-Jamaat panel financier. Because, in that election, he also held an election meeting on behalf of his business friend Ataul Osmani. Dr. Ferdous Khandaker’s business partner, Ataul Osmani, has links to the group that was convicted in 2015, including former FBI agent Robert Lastick and BNP’s Rizvi Ahmed Caesar, for trapping Sajib Wazed Joy in the United States. Although he claimed to be the leader of Chhatra League, before 2019 in New York Dr. Ferdous was never seen on any of the occasions of the Father of the Nation’s birthday, death anniversary, 16th December or 26th March. There can be no doubt that Dr. Ferdous is a hypocritical propagandist.