CPA Shraboni will provide low cost tax services to expatriates in Connecticut

BanglaPress Desk
July 3, 2020

Staff Reporter: Certified Public Accountant Shraboni Singh has expressed interest in assisting Bangladeshi expatriates in the USA state of Connecticut in social welfare work including low-cost tax services. Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, she was recently assigned the role of a specialist at Department of Disaster Management in
the Department of Disaster Management in the United States Government. Overcoming adversity, she has again chosen the state of Connecticut as her workplace. She is expected to work with economic experts in case of emergency. She currently lives in New York.
She first came to Connecticut on October 21, 2018 to live. Despite receiving assurances of help from the Bangladeshi organization, but she did not get a good job and was almost disoriented due to the anger of some selfish people. As a result, she was forced to return to New York a few months later.
Shraboni Singh is a well-known CPA among expatriate Bangladeshis in New York. She has been working with Bangladeshis for a long time. Because of Corona she closed her office and was working from home. She is working for the welfare of the people as well as business. After being appointed at the U.S. Department of Disaster Management, she reduced her business activities. However, CPA Shraboni Singh expressed her desire to be involved in various service oriented activities of the Bangladeshi community in the future.
Shraboni Singh said she came to the United States in 1999 with her parents with an advanced life philosophy and a global citizenship mentality. Shraboni has wanted to be a businesswoman since childhood.
Shraboni’s father is an influential businessman in Chittagong. Shraboni began her career on New York’s Wall Street after earning a bachelor’s degree in management information systems from the University of Texas at Arlington in the United States due to her interest in using technology in the financial sector.
After working at various world-renowned financial institutions such as JP Morgan, HSBC Merrill Lynch, She also participated in various projects in East Harlem, New York, from a position of senior executive. She also assisted various Bangladeshi and mainstream businessmen as well as low-income families by utilizing microfinance strategy.
After receiving awards and recognition from many organizations, including Capital One Bank and East Harlem Business Capital Corporation, Shraboni decided to pursue higher education to further enrich her career. She passed all the parts of Shraboni Certified Public Accountant Exam at first try and obtained CPA license by working in two of the world’s leading accounting firms KPMG and Price Water House Cooper.
At this time she was married in a family way. After her loving son Juboraj Singh (Chris) was born in Atlanta, Shraboni retired from work and moved to Canada. In 2018, when there was a disagreement at the father-in-law’s house about raising a child, Shraboni came to America again in an attempt to build her career and raise her child as an ideal citizen.
She returned to the United States on an emergency basis, collecting passports from the USA Consulate in Calgary, Canada. Son of a dual citizen of the United States and Canada
She decided to stay in Connecticut, near New York, to cut down on many other expenses, including New York housing, during the difficult time of the International Court of Justice’s decision on child custody. She first came to Connecticut on October 21, 2018.
At that time, many Bangladeshi organizations and some people personally assured help, but did not get a good job and was angered by some selfish people. She almost lost her way and was forced to return to New York a few months later.
Within a few days, she returned to Connecticut at the personal invitation of one. Then again, due to many complications, she had to return to New York empty handed within a few months. In the midst of great obstacles, Shraboni built her career on a single effort with determination.
In 2019, Shraboni started her sole CPA business. In a short time She has gained popularity with a large number of clients in New York and Connecticut with accounting, tax, business and financial advice. During her tenure, she closed her Jackson Heights office and worked from her Elmhurst home. Many people have benefited financially because of her financial advice during this time. She has also officially registered many non-profit businesses, including the Mudarib Foundation, Helping Hand for Chittagong, Bangladeshi American Friends Society of Connecticut (BAFS), and volunteers from those organizations to provide services to the Corona-affected community.
She has played a significant role in resolving the community’s economic crisis by providing regular financial advice during the Corona period in various electronics and print media in the United States. Her regular writings are published in many print media including her regular column Tax Talk.
In the eyes of God, she has already got three positions as a financial specialist in the United States Office of Disaster Assistance. Quoting Hillary Clinton, Shraboni said that although unpleasant, the truth is that many women are still facing invisible obstacles like the glass ceiling. It is a subtle one of inequality. However, the most detrimental aspect is that in spite of a woman’s suitability and best efforts, she tries to destroy her ascent and existence by spreading various incidents in her name by spreading thorns in her path.
Shraboni says many politicians, such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, politicians like Elizabeth Warren, or scientists like Einstein, have fictional accounts of separation and love in their personal lives, but people solve personal and personal issues through their benevolent and creative work. Can build.
‘My current goal is to promote higher education and economic empowerment for women in the United States and Bangladesh so that women can take control of the quality of life of their children, families and communities,’ she said. Talented Shraboni is known in the Bangladeshi community as a cultural activist and reciter with 6 years of training in classical music. Khadija’s biography, the wife of the great Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), inspires Shraboni more. In her spare time she read the writings of various Islamic scholars. Shraboni wants to serve the community by running a joint venture in New York and Connecticut, as well as raising her children as ideal citizens. For this she seeks the blessings of all at home and abroad.