US warns its citizens against travelling to Bangladesh

BanglaPress Desk
April 9, 2021

Staff Reporter: US citizens have issued warnings on Bangladesh traveling due to the increased number of victims and deaths. On Thursday (April 8), US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued this warning on their website. If someone is tour of Bangladesh, then the CDC has advised to take full dose of Vaccine before the tour.
CDC has mentioned the neglect of the citizens of Bangladesh to neglect the hygiene and the concerns of experts for the past one week, in the last one week, the CDC has mentioned all the records of infection and death.
CDC’s guidance was written, “Due to the current situation of Bangladesh, people should also avoid traveling in Bangladesh considering the risk of being infected and spreading its spread in the newly vaccinations.”
In the direction, it has been said, “If someone is required to visit Bangladesh, then he must take two full dose of doing or do the whole dose before the tour.” All travelers must wash hands and wear masks. Avoid publicity. ‘
Note that CDC shared the countries in four classes in consideration of the current situation and risk of the infection. These are – Nimm, medium, high and highly high-risky countries. In the list of SDC, Bangladesh has very high risky country in Qatar.