Expatriate singer Kousholy Ema sings about coronavirus

BanglaPress Desk
April 26, 2021

Staff Reporter: Kousholy Ema, a contemporary singer living in the United States, sang about the deadly coronavirus worldwide.
The singer said that she loves to sing instant songs about various events and contemporary issues discussed in the country and abroad, but due to the high incidence of coronavirus infection in the United States, the music arrangement of her songs has been delayed.
The words of her song about the deadly coronavirus are like this- ‘Banchte chaire banchte chai, kemon kore banchbo bhai, Corona te morche manush banchar upay nai,’ Kousholy Ema hopes that this song sung by her will inspire the Bengali speaking people around the world who are suffering from coronavirus and panic. In fact, this song will help them have some joy and survive.
Expatriate singer Kousholy Ema shows the various irregularities-corruption, injustice and superstition of the society in the language of the song with her fingers in the eyes of the audience.
In the name of politics, she has sung songs on various contemporary issues including the hypocrisy of leaders, the demand for justice by the Razakars, inequality between men and women and the joys and sorrows of illegal immigrants. Listening to her songs touched the hearts of the audience.
She was the first to sing about the freedom fighters who were deprived of state dignity, neglected and begged. Her songs on liberation war, politics, patriotism, humanitarianism and spiritual issues are appreciated in all quarters. She varied songs based on contemporary issues and national and international issues have already gained a good reputation at home and abroad. During her stay in the country, she sang on Bangladesh Radio and Television.
Kousholy Ema graduated in Folk Music from Dhaka Government Music College and obtained a Master’s degree in Bengali Literature from Lalmatia Women’s College.
Amolnama.com, Matir Manush and Gentleman have released 3 albums with her variety of songs. This young generation artiste has already gained huge recognition in North America by singing songs based on the liberation war and contemporary songs.
Kousholy Ema said that she found the success of the two songs she sang in 2008. At that time, she sang – ‘Amar rokte gora Bangladesh lute pute korlo shes benche thakai day, eidesheri Muktijoddha vikkha kore khay’. She also sang ‘Rajakrder bichar kora khub dorkar, korbe bole kotha diye korena kono sorkar’.
During the tenure of the present government, almost every freedom fighter of the country is getting government allowance and the Razakars are also being tried and will be tried. She thanked the present government for this.
It is to be mentioned that she was the first to sing in Bengali with one crore and ten lakh illegal immigrants in the United States. The lyrics of her song are like this- ‘Bolo ar kotokal mora thakbo illegal, legal hote chai mora legal hote chai.’
In a speech to the nation on November 20, 2014, former US President Barack Obama initially declared 4.7 million illegal immigrants legal. There are 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Of those, 4.4 million illegal immigrants will have legal access, and their children will be US citizens. And three lakh illegal immigrants will get a chance to legalize due to other classifications under the new rules. She also called Obama’s announcement of immigration plans a historic step.
Kousholy Ema first sang this song about illegal immigrants in the United States in 2006. She then sang on separate stages for expatriate Bangladeshis in New York and New Jersey, including the Fobana Conference in Washington in 2007. After singing the song, she got a huge response from the expatriates. Although the song did not find a place in any of her albums, she released it on YouTube in 2012. She claimed that this song sung by her about illegal immigrants was the first Bengali song.
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