Neelima Shoshi’s solo concert in New York

BanglaPress Desk
October 26, 2021

Staff Reporter: Close-up One star Sheikh Neelima Shoshi’s solo concert was held in New York, USA. The auditorium was packed with spectators at the concert on Sunday (October 24) at Queen’s Palace in Woodside, New York. Hosted a concert at PG Care Pro in Jamaica.

Sheikh Neelima Shoshi was born in Jamalpur. Has lived in New York, USA for a long time. She is recording songs, performing music on stage and taking part in various programs regularly. But lately, She is focusing more on performing music on stage.
Shoshi took part in NTV’s Closeup One competition in 2008. It has come a long way since then. Shoshi sang, floated many in his own songs. She has numerous mixed albums in the market, including two singles. In 2009, Shoshir’s first solo album ‘Jeo Na’ was released. Then in 2013 ‘Shohor jure Shoshir Gaan’. The first album received praise as usual. And the song ‘Bhalobese Tomay’ from the second album is still on the lips of the listeners.

The music video of this song with a double voice with a teenager is quite popular. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 1014, a double album was released with vocalist Asif Akbar. It was called ‘Bedonar Alpin’. The album, arranged with about a dozen songs, was released by Arb Enterprise. Several songs of the song were heard by the audience.
Sheikh Neelima Shoshi’s solo concert was arranged by Partha Gupta owner of ‘PG Care Pro and instrumentalist with patriotic, modern, Rabindra Sangeet and old days songs of Bengali films.

The solo concert started with the patriotic song ‘Sob kota janala khule dao na’. Then sing songs like ‘ Ami ki tomar moto valo bashte pari’, ‘Tumi amay dekechile ek meghe dhaka dine’, ‘Tumi jake valobasho’ Sing about 20 songs including Rabindra Sangeet ‘Mom Jeeban jouban’.

New York expatriate musicians, politicians, community activists, businessmen, local police officers and people from different walks of life were present in the audience as Shoshi performed on stage. The artists of Mati Band accompanied the artist to the instrumental music in Sheikh Neelima Shoshi’s solo concert.