Kousholy Ema will sing on Studio New York Facebook Live today

BanglaPress Desk
December 24, 2021

Staff Reporter: Expatriate contemporary and folk singer Kousholy Ema will be singing for the first time at Studio New York in the United States.Kousholy Ema will sing live on Facebook Live on Friday (December 24) at 9pm New York time and Saturday at 8am Bangladesh time on the program ‘Facebook Live with Abir’ presented by Abir Alamgir, a popular reciter and presenter of Expatriate.

Kousholy Ema, a contemporary singer living in the United States, sings instantaneous songs on various events and contemporary issues discussed at home and abroad. Kousholy Ema shows the various irregularities, corruption, injustice and superstition of the society in the language of the song with her fingers in the eyes of the audience. In the name of politics, she has sung songs on various contemporary issues including hypocrisy of leaders, demands of Razakars for justice, inequality between men and women and happiness and sorrow of illegal immigrants. Listening to her songs touches the heart of the audience.

She has sung about the recent incidents of corruption in the country- ‘Sob manushe koi, ovabe porile naki swovab nosto hoi, Desh dorodi seje jara choi ke koren noi tader swovab agei nosto ovabete noi.
She was the first to sing about the freedom fighters who were deprived of state status, neglected and begged. Her songs on liberation war, politics, patriotism, humanitarianism and spiritual issues are appreciated in all quarters. Her varied songs based on contemporary issues and national and international issues have already gained a good reputation in the country and abroad. During her stay in the country, she sang on Bangladesh radio and Television.

She graduated in Folk Music from Dhaka Government Music College and obtained a Master’s degree in Bengali Literature from Lalmatia Women’s College. Amolnama.com, Matir Manush and Gentleman have released 3 albums with her diverse collection of songs. This young artist has already gained wide recognition in North America by singing liberation war based and contemporary songs.