Inauguration of Padma Bridge, reduced price of Hilsa in New York

BanglaPress Desk
July 2, 2022

Minara Helen Eti: The sale of hilsa is going on huge sale with the announcement of huge reduction in the price for inauguration of the Padma Bridge in New York, USA. Vendors have lured buyers with such glamorous advertisements in several grocery stores and supermarkets in New York.

New York’s well-known Mannan Halal Supermarket greets its customers and shoppers and announces huge discounts for the inauguration of the Padma Bridge. In addition, so that shoppers can enjoy the opening moment of the Padma Bridge with their families with joy and excitement, all the branches of their supermarkets offer special discounts on hilsa fish. This special sale lasts for four days. The ancestral home of the late Saeed Rahman Mannan, the original owner of Mannan Supermarket, is in Shariatpur district. They arranged this discount in the joy of having a Padma bridge over Shariatpur.

Hilsha is sold in almost every grocery and supermarket in New York for $10 to $15 dollar per pound, depending on the size of the inch. 10-12 inch long hilsa sale for $11.99, 12-14 inch long hilsa sells for $12.99 and 14-16 inch long hilsa sells for $14.99 At present, the price reduction has been reduced by $2.00 per size of hilsa.
Managers at the Jackson Heights branch of Mannan Halal Supermarket said an event was held on the opening day of the Padma Bridge (June 24, New York time). There are special discounts on hilsa for buyers. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. They first give special discounts for three days, after which the time is extended. This discount is given to increase the happiness of the buyers. They said that Mannan Super Market is not affiliated with any party, they are excited about the development of Bangladesh.
Several other grocery stores in New York have also reportedly used the opportunity to run a thriving business.