New York mayor to help expected immigrants

BanglaPress Desk
July 20, 2022

Noman Ibne Sabit:The mayor of New York has announced that he will help illegal immigrants seeking asylum in the United States. New York Mayor Eric Adams has appealed for urgent federal aid as the number of asylum seekers in the city increases day by day. Local time Tuesday (July 19), the mayor said asylum seekers are arriving in New York City every day.

He said busloads of people gathered at the Texas border were being sent to New York. Significant numbers of asylum seekers continue to arrive from South America and Africa.
New York has always been open to newcomers, the mayor said. It is the moral obligation of the city authorities to provide food and shelter to the aid seekers. More than 2,800 people have arrived in the last few weeks.
The city authorities are struggling to meet their basic needs including shelter. That’s why the mayor appealed for immediate increased federal support.
Mayor Adams said people from Texas and Arizona are being bussed into New York City. In some cases, individuals are also arriving. City authorities have not only a moral responsibility but also a legal obligation to take care of the basic needs of these undocumented immigrants in the hope of a better life. There is no prospect of the influx of such people stopping any time soon. That’s why Mayor Eric Adams appealed to confirm emergency allocations from federal funds.