Storm condemnation against ‘Traitors of Fobana’ at Chicago meeting

BanglaPress Desk
September 8, 2022

Chhabed Sathee, back from Chicago: At the annual general meeting of the Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America (FOBANA), the leaders of all the organizations present condemned the ‘Traitor of Fobana’.
Local time last Sunday (September 4) at noon in the conference room of the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Skokie, a suburb of Chicago, there was a storm of condemnation when the words of ‘Traitor of Fobana’ came up repeatedly in the mouth of various speakers at the annual general meeting.

Rehan Reza, outgoing chairperson of Fobana, said that without getting a position in the executive committee of Fobana , some dissidents have forcibly organized cultural and party events in Los Angeles, defaming the name of Fobana for their own interests. In this meeting, we strongly condemn such activities. At that time, the leaders of about 60 Bangladeshi organizations from more than 15 states of the United States shouted ‘Shame Shame’ and expressed their anger and condemnation.

Rehan Reza also said that Fobana is a non-political organization, while Padalavi rebels have created a political platform using Fobana’s name only for their own interests. One day they will realize their mistake and return to the original Fobana. That day is not far away. We keep the door open for everyone.