Guns banned in Times Square, including NY subway

BanglaPress Desk
October 22, 2022

Ema Alice: Guns are banned in Times Square, including on the New York City subway. The court ruled that firearms cannot be carried in these two places. City Mayor Eric Adams and state Governor Cathy Hochul welcomed the ruling.
On Oct. 6, a federal judge in Syracuse overturned the ban and ruled in favor of carrying weapons. New York State Attorney General Latisha James appealed the ruling.
The Court of Appeal then suspended the federal judge’s ruling on October 12. Meanwhile, City Mayor Eric Adams also signed a bill banning the carrying of weapons in Times Square.
Eric Adams said the City Council banned guns in Times Square and the subway out of concern for public safety. As a result, from now on, guns cannot be carried in public places including Times Square, movie theaters and subways.