Humayun Ahmed Literary and Cultural Conference in splendid environment at New York

BanglaPress Desk
December 12, 2022

Noman Sabit: The fifth Humayun Ahmed Literary and Cultural Conference was held in New York in a grand atmosphere. Local time on Sunday (December 11) in Jamaica 131 Public School in New York City, the conference was organized by expatriate entertainment company Showtime Music. This year’s conference was inaugurated by eminent personality and poet Belal Baig.

In the opening ceremony poet Belal Beg said, writer Humayun Ahmed was born with an impossible ability to attract people, who was a magician. He will live on forever in his writings, in his personality, above all in his work.

Speakers said, writer Humayun Ahmed was one of the popular Bengali fiction writers of the 20th century. He was one of the best novelists, short story writers, playwrights and lyricists, screenwriters and filmmakers of Bangladesh after independence. He is considered He is the father of the new style of dialogue in Bengali fiction. On the other hand, he is the pioneer of modern Bengali science fiction. He is also acclaimed as a drama and film director. The number of his published books is more than three hundred. Several of his books have been translated into various languages of the world, several books are included in school-college-university curriculum. Misir Ali and Himu are two of his most popular characters.

Bangladesh Writers Club president Mishuk Selim as convener and rhymer Manjur Kader as member secretary of the conference was held under the supervision of a 19-member committee. In the conference, 131 public school premises were frozen despite the extremely hostile weather. The conference was crowded with writers, journalists, editors, media personalities, publishers, readers, patrons and a large number of visitors. The presence of Humayun devotees was satisfactory.
Books published by expatriate poets and writers under the initiative of ‘Showtime Music’, which has been working for a long time to nurture and develop Bengali culture in North America, were exhibited at the event. Humayun devotees enjoyed the book exchange, display and sale event. The program included painting, Humayun in song, open discussion: Humayun in author’s thoughts, Humayun in literature, liberation war and Swadesh love recitation, ‘Amar Achhe Jal’ (I have water), Humayun in memory and Humayun in story.
In this event, Nrityanjali Shilpi Gosthi filled the hearts of the audience with the dance. Popular artists SI Tutul and Selim Chowdhury, Selim Ibrahim and many others performed the music. Chandan Chowdhury directed the ensemble music. All Humayun fans participated in it.

Farzin Rakiba and Abu Saeed Ratan in the direction of painting, with the help of Dr. Hafsa Siddiqa, Alma Ferdowsi Leah, Khaled Sarfuddin, Suman Shamsuddin and
Shibli Sadiq Free discussion: Humayun in the author’s thoughts
Directed by Rowshan Hasan and Sharmin Reza Eva. Participating poets and writers living in exile, liberation war and love of homeland in Humayun literature
Directed by Musharraf Hossain with participation: Belal Beg, Professor Hosne Ara, Tamizuddin Lodi, Fakir Ilyas, Fahim Reza Noor and Dr. Mohsin Ali.
‘ Amar Acche Jal’ was directed by GH Arju and Sabina Niru, Kavi Tamizuddin Lodi, Shams Al Momin, Sonia Quader, Anwar Selim, Laila Farzana.
Poems were recited by Anwarul Lovelu, Nazrul Kabir, Nash Nasreen, Ahsan Habib, Pinki Chowdhury and Nilufar Zareen and Sinha Mansoor.

Memoirs of Humayun Ahmed: Directed by Chanda Sultan, Starring: Abu Raihan, Rawshan Hasan, ABM Saleh Uddin.
Nrityanjali was directed by Chandra Banerjee and her team. ‘Galpe Galpe Humayun’ directed by Manzoor Quader and Shishura.
Humayun Memoirs: Directed by ABM Saleh Uddin Starring: Belal Baig, Sharmin Reza Eva, Shamim Shahed.  Alamgir Khan Alam is the owner of expatriate entertainment company Showtime Music announced that the Humayun Ahmed Literary and Cultural Conference will be held on June 3-4, 2013 in a more extended format.

It is to be noted that this year’s Humayun Ahmed Literary and Cultural Conference was scheduled to be attended as chief guests by Syed Manjurul Islam, former professor of Dhaka University, lyricist and author Lutfar Rahman Riton, special guest author and publisher Mazharul Islam and chief coordinator of the event Meher Afroz Shawon. The organizers have already said that due to various reasons, none of the pre-announced guests can attend this year.