Tk. 3.5 crore missing from Jalalabad Association account in New York

BanglaPress Desk
January 29, 2023

Noman Sabit: In New York, the Jalalabad Association has been accused of embezzling 3.5 crore taka. Badrul Hossain Khan, the president of the organization mentioned in the press conference that 3 lakh 32 thousand 8 hundred 6 dollars (Three crore 52 lakh 77 thousand 436 taka in Bangladeshi currency) were withdrawn from the bank without the approval of the committee. A press conference organized by the organization’s executive committee was held at a restaurant in Jackson Heights on Saturday (January 28) afternoon local time. 10 out of 16 members were present in it.
Badrul Hossain Khan said, “Jalalabad Bhavan” in New York is not the house of Jalalabad Association. He said house was bought by general secretary Moinul Islam who was also served with a show cause notice. He bought the house himself by forming a corporation named Jalalabad USA Inc. During the purchase of this house, Moinul secretly withdrew 3 lakh 32 thousand 8 hundred 6 dollars (Tk 3 crore 52 lakh 77 thousand 436 in Bangladeshi currency) from the organization’s account. He has done unconstitutional and unconstitutional work by using the funds of the organization for personal purposes.

In a written statement, he said that in 2020, Moinul transferred $250 thousand dollars from the fund of the organization to MA Aziz’s ‘Core Construction Group’ account. MA Aziz is known by the people of the community. However, in the organization’s constitution, if more than 5 thousand dollars are withdrawn from the fund, the permission of the board of trustees along with the executive committee is required.
Former president Mainul Haque Chowdhury Helal and Mizanur Rahman Shefaz are partners in this non-organizational work of Moinul. They also have to stand in court for all the irregularities and unorganized activities in the general meeting on February 6. General members will decide about them. When asked whether the general secretary has responded to the show cause, Badrul Khan said, “We have not received it.”
Vice President Lokman Hossain Luku, Shafiuddin Talukder, Assistant General Secretary Rukon Hakim, Treasurer Mohammad Alim, Publicity Secretary Faisal Alam, Legal Affairs Secretary Burhan Uddin, Sports Secretary Manna Muntasir, Women Affairs Secretary Zahid Ahmed Khan and Executive Committee Member Shamim Ahmed were present at the press conference. The press conference was moderated by the Deputy General Secretary Rukon Hakim.

In a written statement, Badrul Khan accused former president Mainul Haque Chowdhury Helel of irregularities and nepotism in distributing aid in the recent floods in Sylhet area. He said that Moinul did not go to the country and distribute the money given by the association among the really needy people. Disbursed relief money among people in his known condition. It was mentioned in the press conference that the account of these will be asked in the general meeting.