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Kazi Azam embezzled money from ‘Brooklyn Mela’ in New York

Many complaints about the Mela

by BanglaPress Desk

Kazi Sakhawat Hossain Azam


Staff Reporter: Bangladeshi American Friendship Society of New York President Kazi Sakhawat Hossain Azam has received complaints about the ‘Brooklyn Mela’ of expatriate Bangladeshis in the United States. In the name of Bangladeshi American Friendship Society of New York and 66 Precinct Community Council, there is an allegation that they embezzled all the money without depositing it in the name of any organization even though they earn 40 to 50 thousand dollars every year from this fair. Even in the last 10 years, the general secretary of the organization has not received any income-expenditure account of the fair.
Maksudul Haque Chowdhury, General Secretary of Bangladeshi American Friendship Society of New York, complained and said that since 2013, they have been holding fairs together in the name of 66 Precinct Community Council. This organization named Bangladeshi American Friendship Society of New York was created by Maksudul himself. Although they held this fair since 2013, the organization had no bank account or account. President Kazi Azam later opened a bank account without his (General Secretary’s) knowledge. But as the general secretary of the organization, Maksudul Haque did not even consider it necessary to inform him about keeping his name in the bank account.
About 2 years after opening the bank account, Maksud came to know that Kazi Azam was doing transactions in the name of the organization by opening a bank account in his own name. Maksud wanted to know about this, but Azam could not give any good answer. He did not even attach the name of the general secretary to the bank account despite being told many times. Every year 66 precincts hold fairs with a permit from the Community Council. He does all the sponsors, stalls and various transactions in the account of the organization. Kazi Azam has not given any income and expenditure accounts in the last ten years. Maksudul Chowdhury did not receive any account despite many requests.
Maksud pointed out that the Brooklyn Mela earns approximately 40 to 50 thousand dollars every year. But till now no account of the money earned has been received by the organization or anyone else. When asked about the account from the president, Azam said that every year the precinct council has to pay 5 thousand dollars. The rest of the money is spent by the president himself on pleasure and vacations.

Registration letter of the organization in the name of Maksudul Haque Chowdhury


From 2023 onwards, President Azam continued to pressurize Maksud calculations. He was informed about this by various people. Maksud said he will protest if the fair is held like this. Nothing worked. Maksud forbade him to hold this fair a few months ago in the current year (2024). He said if there is a fair then a proper account should be given. Then he told Maksud that I am not obliged to give an account to anyone. This is my fair. Then Maksud said that he will protest if the fair is organized by his organization.
In this regard, Azam told Maksud that he would not hold a fair with the same organization. Then Maksud has no objection. But later in the poster it is seen that he held a press conference by writing USA instead of New York while keeping the name of the organization. Nowhere has the name of 66 Precinct Community Council been mentioned. He forgot to register that organization in the name of Maksudul. Maksudul contacted Community Council President Mark Kurtz to provide the organization paper to protect his organization from public criticism. Last Tuesday (May 14) night, Kazi Azam again shared the poster on his Facebook where he used the name of the old organization (New York). He used another person’s name instead of Maksud as general secretary. He strongly condemned the incident and announced the full committee of the organization soon. He also requested not to use the name of Maksudul’s organization in the fair. Otherwise, urgent legal measures will be taken in this regard, said Maksud.

Maksud said that the organization does not have the permission of the fair organized this year. The permit is in the name of 66 Precinct Community Councils. Its treasurer is Kazi Azam. In fact, checks from the Fair Precinct Community Council and patrons came in the name of the Bangladeshi American Friendship Society. This is also a different kind of fraud.
Maqsud’s question to Kazi Azam, where did nearly 5 lakh dollars go in the last ten years? A non-profit organization cannot account for the donation. People of New York have word of mouth that Kazi Azam developed a friendship with the police and extorted money in their name and Maksud alleged that he used this money for immoral activities.

Proof of tax filing showing the address of Shah Newaz, convener of this fair


Ahsan Habib, a resident of Jackson Heights and one of the members of Chattagram Samity said that due to the closeness of the local police with Kazi Azam, he harassed several people by filing a case with one person based on an incident of Chattagram Samity five years ago. The case was later proved false. Because the person tried to rehash his past hurt. Habib mentions that he made a lot of money from the Brooklyn fair, but he did not account to anyone, and he knew that the bank account was in his own name alone.
When the president Kazi Azam was contacted in this regard, he first invited me for the fair and said, I am very busy. I don’t have time to talk. All the complaints about the fair should be verified and written. For this Bangladesh society from my family means my brother is the man who spent millions of dollars you know that. We are not poor for two, four and ten taka. The name of the organization under which the fair is being held is listed in Maksud’s name. When asked this, he said it means it is registered in our name, Shah Newaz Bhai’s name. He said that he will sit down and show all the documents.

When asked to know that the organizing organization of the fair is listed as Bangladeshi American Friendship Society of New York, this year’s fair convener Shah Newaz said that he found out that this organization was not incorporated while making hotel bookings for the Fobana conference since 2019. Later he incorporated it under his own name and address. There was none but his name. He is the president of the organization. He sent a paper as proof. But there is a service date of 12th July, 2019. His address is mentioned as a registered agent. No one’s name or title is mentioned. It is assumed that this address is only used for filing taxes.
Present general secretary SM Ferdous was contacted on cell phone. Not getting on the phone, the matter was asked in a small message. But he didn’t answer.


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