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Cat received ‘Doctorate’ degree after the dog in US

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Staff Reporter: Three years after the dog received an honorary doctorate, this time a cat was given an honorary ‘Doctorate of Literature’ or D. Litt from an university in the United States awarded the title. The cat’s name is Max. The cat was awarded the degree at Vermont State University’s student graduation ceremony.
Earlier in 2020, a dog named Moose received an honorary doctorate degree from Virginia Tech’s College of Veterinary Medicine. A Labrador retriever, the Cook Counseling Center’s 8-year-old therapy dog ​​has been with Virginia Tech since 2014. The dog was one of the school’s four therapy animals and an ambassador for mental health awareness
This cat, who received a doctorate degree from Vermont State University, is friendly. Vermont State University’s Castleton campus recognized this cat not for its rodent-hunting prowess or oversleeping, but for its companionship. “Max the cat has been a much-loved member of the Castleton family for many years,” the university said in a Facebook post.
A family lives next door on the road that runs past the entrance to the Vermont State University campus. The family’s pet cat. The cat’s owner, Ashley Doe, said: ‘The cat has decided to go to campus. Since then he started hanging out with college students. And the students also started to adore him.’ The cat has been visiting the campus for about four years. Everyone takes a selfie with the cat when they see it lying on the roadside.
Even former students visit his owner, Doe, to check on the cat whenever he visits campus. The doe is better known to them as the cat’s mother. But Max the cat’s degree will be awarded to his owner, Doe. Because it is not a rule to invite cats to university graduation ceremonies.


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