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Mayor Eric Adams was abused on Bangladesh Day Parade in New York

Two hundred policemen for one and a half hundred expatriates

by BanglaPress Desk


Noman Sabit: New York city Mayor Eric Adams was abused when he took part in the Bangladesh Day Parade held  for the third time in New York . On Sunday (May 26) between 69-87 Street in Jackson Heights, a small number of expatriate Bangladeshis and a large number of Bangladeshi police participated in the parade. There are various facts behind the presence of more Bangladeshi police than ordinary people.
More than three lakhs Bangladeshis live in New York. There are about three hundred social and cultural organizations here. Due to the eccentricity of the organizers, the expatriates were disappointed to see the Bangladesh Day parade with a small number of about one  hundred and a half expatriates and the presence of about two hundred Bangladeshi police. According to a reliable source, a policeman on duty in uniform on a holiday earns one and a half times the pay and gets an extra day off as opposed to working on a weekday. As such, the amount of salary is two and a half times. For this reason, officials of police, corrections department and other departments also rushed to the day parade, said the source.
One week before the Bangladesh Day Parade organized by the United States-based World Human Rights Development Organization, the Bangladeshi community leaders began to fight over who will be the ‘Grand Marshal’. Finally, the authorities canceled the post of grand marshal of the parade.
New York Mayor Eric Adams was the chief guest at the parade. A pro-Israel New York City mayor was verbally abused by pro-Palestinian students during his speech. At this time, he called ‘Shut Up’ and asked them to stop. He ended his speech hastily as the slogans increased.
Those who contribute to the Bangladeshi community in New York were not invited as such. There was no involvement of the new generation. Bangladesh Society did not participate in the parade due to the negative comments made about the Board of Trustees and the Chairman of Bangladesh Society, the largest organization in New York and the United States. Big social and cultural organizations did not participate. Due to extreme mismanagement, the Bangladeshi mainstream politicians did not come to the parade. Expatriate Bangladeshis have blamed the organizers’ capriciousness and indifference for this.

A large number of people from the southern part of Bangladesh have lived in New York. Many of them said that they are listening to the cyclone news on TV every moment. Taking news of relatives in the country. According to them, what will happen to us when we go to the Bangladesh parade?

In the press conference and various campaigns, it has been alleged that the organizers have committed various frauds by mentioning the Bangladesh Day Parade in New York for the first time. In fact, this is the third
Bangladesh parade in New York. Bangladesh Day Parade was held for the first time in New York in 1984 in the first half of eighties. For the first time, the Grand Marshal was Nasir Khan Paul, Tahur Ahmed and Dr. Billah. Shahid Hasan, the expatriate singer of Swadhin Bangla Betar, sang in the parade. Bangladesh Parade was held for the second time in 1999 under the leadership of Dr. Hamidduzzaman and Fakhrul Alam, organized by Bangladesh Society.But the organizers of this year’s Bangladesh Day Parade very cleverly cheated the expatriates.

During the parade on 68-69 Street above 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights, Somoy TV’s US correspondent Hasanuzzaman Saki was shoved away by detectives when he tried to take a speech from Mayor Eric Adams. Eyewitnesses said that at that time, the parade would stop when the mayor went to give a speech for a TV station. Several witnesses commented that it was indecent to ask the mayor to speak at that time.
Meanwhile, the organizing organization World Human Rights Development Organization in the United States finally canceled the post of grand marshal of the parade after a long struggle between the leaders of the Bangladeshi community for the past 1 week.
In the meeting held at Smart Tech last Wednesday, May 22, convenor Shah Newaz made a negative comment about Bangladesh Society’s board of trustees and chairman MA Aziz. Shah Newaz said that the board of trustees of Bangladesh society is the third kid of the goat. Bangladesh society president Abdur Rob and general secretary Ruhul Amin Siddiqui strongly protested his comment. They also demanded immediate withdrawal of such comments. The leaders of the society mentioned that if the organizers wanted financial help from the Bangladesh Society before this, they would be informed after the decision of the committee. Chairman of Trustee Board MA Aziz said that Bangladesh Society did not participate in the parade in this incident. Not only that, Rano Newaz, wife of Convener Shah Newaz, raised her hand on joint convener Syed Akikur Rahman Faruq for objecting to the appointment of grand marshal.
Faruq said, in front of everyone present, a woman raised her hands on him. But no one protested like that. He sought justice for humiliating him.
In this regard, the convenor of Bangladesh Day Parade, Shah Newaz, was contacted by phone message and said that he will participate in the Bangladesh Society Parade. But Bangladesh society did not participate in the parade. He said there will be no grand marshal in the Bangladesh Day Parade. However, he tried to announce himself on the stage dressed as grand marshal. Gias Ahmed and Fahad Solaiman stopped him at this time. Convener Shah Newaz’s wife Rano Newaz had an argument with Gias Ahmed on the stage.
Bangladesh Day Parade Chairperson Shah Shahidul Haque Saeed did not give any comment when contacted by phone message. However, General Secretary Abdus Sobhan confirmed the participation in the Bangladesh Society Parade.
Chairman MA Aziz along with the Board of Trustees of Bangladesh Society said that Bangladesh Society did not participate in the parade. No one went there as a result of the final decision of the Society. The Society is not responsible for any former officer of the Society visiting there.
He mentioned that Shah Shahidul Haque Sayed, President of World Human Rights Development Organization and Chairperson of Bangladesh Day Parade, demanded $50,000 from him for the post of Grand Marshal. Ever since he expressed his inability to pay such a sum of money, a long tussle began between the leaders of the Bangladeshi community for the post of grand marshal. In the end, the organizers were forced to cancel the post of grand marshal.


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