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Shah Nawaz threaten to shoot businessman Aziz in New York

by BanglaPress Desk

Mohammad Aziz (left) and Shah Nawaz (right)


Staff Reporter: An expat has publicly threatened to shoot a Bangladeshi expat businessman in New York. The businessman’s threat to publicly shoot the chairman of the board of trustees of the Bangladesh Society, the largest organization in the United States and a senior construction businessman, has created a lot of excitement among Bangladeshi expatriates in New York. The businessman revealed the threat through a press conference.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bangladesh Society, Mohammad Aziz, in a press conference at a party center in Jackson Heights on the evening of June 4, alleged that New York home care businessman Shah Nawaz publicly threatened to shoot him.

He said that on May 22, during the preparation meeting of the Bangladesh Day Parade at Smart Tech in Jackson Heights, the convenor of the parade Shah Nawaz made adverse comments about him. Shah Nawaz referred to the Board of Trustees of Bangladesh Society as the third kid of the goat. Bangladesh Society President Abdur Rob and General Secretary Ruhul Amin Siddiqui, who were present at the said meeting, immediately strongly protested his adverse comments. Since then, Shah Nawaz has been threatening him with abuse.

Sarwar Khan Babu, one of the members of the Bangladesh Society, said in the press conference, the day after the incident, on May 23, he met the businessman Shah Nawaz in front of Nabanno restaurant in Jackson Heights. Bringing up the negative comments about the society, Shah Nawaz said, “You are a respected person in the society and you yourself have been elected as the vice president of the Bangladesh Society.” You have no right to make such bad comments about society. After a couple of words he talks about Aziz’s personal, business and family matters. At one point, Shah Nawaz got excited and said in front of many people ‘I will shoot Aziz’.
Sarwar Khan Babu said that many people were present including one other expatriate named Aktar Hossain.
Babu narrated the actual incident in front of the journalists and said that no one can threaten any person in broad daylight. Especially in the United States. If he has to testify in court, he will testify.
Businessman Mohammad Aziz said he did not know why Shah Nawaz abused my father and me. He said my father was a businessman. I am Aziz, the shop called ‘Aziz Brothers’ was on the left side when entering Noor Bhaban in Islampur, Old Dhaka. He does not know why Shah Nawaz is maligning him at various places and threatening to shoot him. He indicated to take legal recourse in the incident.

When businessman Shah Nawaz was contacted in this regard, he said that Babu had lied. The day after the press conference, Babu went to his office. Babu said don’t talk about it anymore. He said that Aziz wanted to protect his interests by putting a gun on Babu’s shoulder, but Babu understood that, he no longer  listened to Aziz’s words. However, Babu admitted to going to his office with some people, but Shah Nawaz told that everything was a lie.


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