In New York where the Awami League There’s a commotion!

BanglaPress Desk
October 1, 2020

Staff Reporter: There was another commotion at the Awami League rally in New York, USA. The incident took place at a joyous rally organized by the United States Awami League at Diversity Plaza in Jackson Heights on Wednesday evening, thanking Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for officially signing the agreement on aviation between the governments of Bangladesh and the United States. The organizers were forced to end the program in a hurry through arguments and hustle and bustle.
During the rally, Mohiuddin Dewan and Sakhawat Hossain Biswas complained about why a member of BASIC, an affiliate of Muna, a Jamaat organization in the United States, was being given the opportunity to speak at the event. At that time Mohiuddin Dewan and Sakhawat Hossain Biswas along with a few others protested. Mohiuddin Dewan demanded the expulsion of former BASIC member Nuruzzaman Sardar from the rally. After that the argument and push-push started. When the journalists present at the time went to take pictures and videos of the riots, some people rushed towards the journalists from the rally. Humayun Ahmed Chowdhury, general secretary of the Connecticut State Awami League, and Shah Selim, a member of the Juba League, tried to snatch the cameras of Sanjiban Sarkar, editor of the local weekly Sandhan, and Abul Kashem, staff reporter of Bangladesh Pratidin (North America edition). Later, with the intervention of the Awami League leaders, that attempt failed. When the atmosphere calms down, the joyous gathering begins again. And threatened journalists by banning them from taking pictures. Later, when the atmosphere calmed down, the assembly started again.
The meeting presided by Former president United Awami League Siddiqur Rahman and former acting general secretary Abdus Samad Azad in performanceover the function.

It may be mentioned that on September 17, on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of Bangladesh’s full membership in the United Nations, there was a commotion at a rally of the United States Awami League over the Razakar issue. The former US Awami League organizing secretary and the US Volunteer League leader got into a scuffle at a stage when they went to a rally in front of the UN headquarters in New York on Thursday local time. The atmosphere is calm in the presence of police in tense situations.

After the joyous rally in front of the UN, Mohammad Mohiuddin Dewan, former organizer of the United States Awami League and founder convener of the Volunteer League, addressed former president Siddiqur Rahman and asked why Razakars and BASIC members were present at the event. Siddiqur Rahman was earlier informed why Jamaat and Razakar were led by the United Awami League. Evidence with its member number (440) was even given to President Siddiqur Rahman a month ago. Even then, that member of BASIC attended the rally of the United States Awami League. Seeing him, Mohiuddin Dewan questioned President Siddiqur Rahman. He was called to speak but he moved on. As soon as Mohiuddin Dewan asked the question, Nuruzzaman Sardar, the president of the affiliated organization Swechchhasebak League, got excited and said that forgers and thieves could not stay in the United States Awami League. Hearing this, Mohiuddin Dewan became the defendant. At one point, the two men started arguing and using obscene language. Later the environment came under control in the presence of the police.