President Biden’s first apology

BanglaPress Desk
January 24, 2021

Staff Reporter: For the first time since being sworn in US President Joe Biden has apologized to US troops. He apologized to the media for publishing some pictures of many soldiers in the US Capitol falling asleep in the parking lot.
More than 25,000 troops were deployed following the swearing-in of Joe Biden. Troops were deployed earlier this month to prevent a repeat of the violence by fierce supporters of Donald Trump. Many of them got tired and lay down in the parking lot.
Some of the pictures that were spread last Thursday show army members lying in the parking lot. The situation has sparked outrage among politicians and some state governors have withdrawn troops due to the controversy.
President Joe Biden called the head of the National Guard on Friday to express his condolences. Wanted to know what to do with that.
Also US First Lady Jill Biden met with the troops and personally thanked them. “Thank you all for keeping me and my family safe,” he said.