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Blizzards disrupted public life in USA

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Staff Reporter: First major snowstorm in northeastern United States this year has disrupted public life. The snowstorm, which started Monday morning local time, will continue until noon Tuesday. Several neighboring states, including New York, could be covered in more than a foot and a half of ice, meteorologists said. At least a hundred road accidents have already been reported due to eight hours of continuous snowfall. Vehicles are stuck on the road, educational institutions, offices are closed and many flights have been canceled. This is the first major snowfall this year, locals said.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency on Sunday following a severe snowfall forecast. He described the storm as “very terrible”. In a statement, the mayor said, “Everyone stay home. Try to keep the road clean so that emergency services can reach everyone. Make no mistake. The storm will cause heavy snowfall, which will make the roads dangerous. ‘
Meteorological officials said many areas of Buffalo City were already covered in one feet of ice. Educational institutions and offices in several cities in western New York have been closed due to the snowfall. City streets and houses are covered with snow. Many people are trapped in different places.
The U.S. Meteorological Agency has forecast more heavy snowfall there. Cold winds in Conakry with snow have trapped most Buffalo residents indoors. Temperatures have dropped below freezing in more than half of the 50 states in the United States.
The meteorological department said it was not yet certain how long the blizzard would last. But it could last until Monday, even Tuesday, in New York City. The highest risk of snowfall is between 7 am and 7 pm local time on Monday. The temperature will be much lower during the storm. However, this cold will be felt more due to the wind. At this time the maximum wind speed can be 50 miles per hour.
The source added, “This winter will be terrible for us due to snow and wind. Terrible situations can arise. New Yorkers may even be without electricity. There is also a risk of flooding in the coastal areas due to the storm. The vision will not be clear. As a result, traffic on the road will become difficult. Hopefully, everyone will spend this time at home and we will not have to face any bad problems. ‘



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