Bipasha Hayat’s painting exhibition starts in New York

BanglaPress Desk
February 7, 2021

Staff Reporter: Actress and artist Bipasha Hayat’s painting exhibition has started at Primavera-Gallery of BD Art in Jackson Heights, New York, USA. Twenty-four paintings by Bipasha Hayat have been kept in this gallery since the first day of February.
Citing Bipasha Hayat, the organizers said, “First of all, I am very excited that there is a gallery in Jackson Heights where paintings by Bangladeshi artists will find a place.” Jackson Heights is the lifeblood of Bengalis. An art gallery was needed in such a place. So I would like to express my special thanks to the Primavera authorities. The artist’s conversation with the audience will be more meaningful now.
The popular actress further said, “I have named this series ‘Insider’. I would say it is a sign of the foresight of the Primavera authorities. The name matches my thoughts. I don’t actually draw pictures but publish pictures. I try to visualize my inner thoughts through pictures. I think we talk more than we do when we say nothing. People around me know I have to think with my eyes closed when I draw. I try to bring to mind the thoughts that go through me at that moment. So the color will be found in the pictures this time, the war will be found with the hostile time.
‘There are some pictures where I have tried to discover the language of the oldest people in this world. Because I think we are no different from the people who were the oldest in the journey of civilization. So I want to understand their languages ​​to understand them. We also want to discover our languages ​​to understand ourselves.
Talking about her current busy schedule, Bipasha said, “Now I have three jobs – writing plays, drawing pictures and studying.” I am trying to read about the rise and fall of civilization before the Roman Empire and the influence and combination of religion with it. From here I am trying to discover myself and my works.
Answering the question of what is the plan ahead, he said, now most of the plans are centered on children. Ancient Society has plans to do research on how nature can bring me to work. If you think about it, behind the rise of any civilization there is a continuum of the fall of another civilization. How much pain and agony it is cannot be understood without being completely immersed in it. I think it’s very important for everyone to know that. I want to work on it in the future.
After all, Primavera is a new gallery in New York. Let’s all go see the pictures. Make our next generation interested in painting. Then he will be made to adapt to the future world.
Earlier, Bipasha Hayat’s solo exhibition was held at the Transform Gallery of the New York Design Center in Manhattan. From May 2019 to May 2020. After the exhibition of Bipasha Hayat’s paintings, the costume exhibition of ‘Irisis’ is coming to Primavera soon.