Hasina displeased Momen happy

BanglaPress Desk
February 28, 2021

Staff Reporter, USA: Foreign Minister of Bangladesh Dr. A K Abdul Momen has given an interview on Time Televission (managed by Jamaat) in New York during his visit to the United States which Tv dislike of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Expatriate Bangladeshis are angry over this incident.
From very beginning of Time Television, which broadcasts from New York, there have been allegations that it is Jamaat-e Islami-run television. A New York based Bengali newspapers reported that it was carried out with the money laundered by Jamaat leader Mir Qasim Ali, who was sentenced to death for crimes against humanity. The TV owner is also accused of helping to publish the book “A Broken Dream: Rule of Law, Human Rights and Democracy” by former Chief Justice S K Sinha.
In May 2016, Time Television aired an interview with an Israeli named Mendi Safadi about the meeting between Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s son and IT adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy, which spread on social media on May 27.
It was later revealed that Zahid Sardar Saadi, a former adviser to BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, and Jacob Milton, a presenter of Time TV, had jointly fabricated the story of Mendi Safadi’s interview.
Although Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is angry over Time Television, Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen arrived in New York as soon as, he volunteered to be interviewed on television. This time too he was no exception. In a virtual interview from Washington DC on February 26, he discussed Al Jazeera’s report on various issues in the country.

It may be mentioned that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who came to the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly at a press conference at the Bangladesh Permanent Mission in New York on September 22, 2017, had a lot in common with Abu Taher when asked a few counter-questions, he became confused and confused as he went on to sort out the question. In such a response, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina got angry on New York’s Time Television and said, “There is no political compromise with those who killed my parents. Why are you crying so much for BNP?”
Answering a question as to why the BNP is not coming to the national issues, Prime Minister said, what is meant by national consensus. Why the national consensus, we have a global consensus. The question of why BNP is not coming should be asked by BNP itself. Because I do not lead the BNP. BNP is an active political party. Their team has its own rules. It is up to them why they do not come forward on national issues. Prime Minister got angry when she heard the BNP’s explanation in the face of the questioner. “Those who killed my parents and passed the indemnity bill also closed the trial,” she said. How do we sit with them. In reply, Prime Minister said, “If someone kills your parents, will you sit with them?”
“I am not interested in going back to those who are involved in the politics of terrorism and murder,” she said. So no one should propose a political compromise with the BNP. Sheikh Hasina said there can be no political compromise with those who believe in the politics of killing and terror, the barbaric assassination of Bangabandhu and the destruction of the country.

The following year, on 28 September 2018, the editors of all print and electronic media in New York were invited to the Prime Minister’s press conference at the Bangladesh Mission to the United Nations, but only New York’s Bangla Patrika and Time TV were blacklisted. It is learned that time the concerned people were called from the mission and were forbidden don’t come to press conference of the Prime Minister. Upon learning this news, the editor of Bangla Patrika and CEO of Time TV Abu Taher could not solve the issue even after much lobbying. Former Permanent Representative of Bangladesh Mission to the United Nations A K Abdul Momen urged to go to the press conference. The CEO of Time TV also gave a urged to him but no action was taken.
A reliable source said, this time the foreign minister of Bangladesh. AK Abdul Momen’s visit to the United States was not a specific topic. Sitting at a hotel in Washington, he has held several virtual meetings with U.S. public representatives. But the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh left Dhaka on February 22 to attend the meeting with the US Secretary of State. He spoke by telephone with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken instead of visiting him directly to observe the health rules due to Corona’s visit to the United States. Last Wednesday (February 24), Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen had a virtual dialogue with U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY). There is no any country in the world for a foreign minister come to the United States and talk to a Congressman / Congresswoman about the problems of their country.
The Bangladeshi foreign minister was unable to meet with a US envoy to observe the rules of health due to Corona’s visit to the United States, but ignored the rules and formally inaugurated the Bangladeshi-owned Innovative Global University in Virginia on Saturday (February 27th). Many people gathered there. The source said, the foreign minister AK Abdul Momen’s main reason for visit to the United States this time was to inaugurate the university. Which was kept secret during the visit. It is learned that the 35th Fobana Convening Committee in Washington met with the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh with the aim of strengthening their human smuggling business and extended cordial greetings.
Earlier, during his visit to the United States, the Foreign Minister inaugurated another similarly owned company. At the same time, he visited a house (basement) in Jackson Heights, New York and inaugurated an Indian-owned TV channel called Bangla Channel. Although the Indian Consul General in New York was invited to inaugurate the channel at that time, no one came. But the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh inaugurated it by going to the basement. Which was a topic of discussion among the expatriates at that time.
It is learned that a media brokerage group including Momen Fan Club is working in New York after the inauguration of these companies.They helped to inaugurate these institutions with the foreign minister in exchange for a large sum of money. This broker cycle was then permanent representative of the United Nations. AK Abdul Momen made an oiled recommendation to the Prime Minister to make him Foreign Minister.