36th BCS non-cadre aspirants demand recruitment

BanglaPress Desk
April 29, 2018

A total of 1,431 non-cadre aspirants of 36th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) on Saturday asked the concerned authorities to complete the 100 per cent appointment of their batch before publishing the results of 37th BCS, reports UNB.

In a press briefing at National Press Club, the aspirants alleged that even though countless posts lie empty in different ministries, Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) was not taking any steps to fill these posts.

Zahirul Islam, a non-cadre aspirant said, “Free us from the curse of unemployment by recommending in first class or second class posts and then the final result of 37th BCS should be published.”

They have given an ultimatum of 12 days or threatened to submit memorandum to the prime minister and even sit for an indefinite hunger strike if the authorities fail to meet their demands.

It is felt that publication of the 37th BCS results might serve to push its qualified candidates in some categories ahead of the 36th non-cadre aspirants in the pecking order.

Earlier on 15 March, BPSC recommended the recruitment of 284 candidates of the 36th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examination with the status of first class non-cadre officials.

Later, on 21 March, another 985 candidates of the 36th BCS were recommended with the status of second class non-cadre officials.