Connecticut Coronavirus Cases Soar Above 3,128; 69 Deaths

BanglaPress Desk
March 31, 2020

Banglapress Desk: Coronavirus cases in Connecticut rose by 557 on Tuesday, climbing to 3,128, according to Gov. Ned Lamont. He said 16 more people have died, bringing the total number of fatalities to 69.
The majority of new cases, 400, were in Fairfield County, but New Haven County saw an increase of 145 new cases, according to Lamont. “You can see the virus is heading north,” Lamont said Tuesday.
Gov. Ned Lamont said Tuesday he’s considering narrowing the list of businesses considered essential to keep people home, predicting April will be a “horrible month” for coronavirus cases in Connecticut.
Lamont said more needs to be done to persuade young people that social distancing is crucial to reducing the spread of the virus, noting the infection rate is expected to peak in Connecticut over the coming weeks.
“We’re definitely at a point where you’ve got to stay home and probably we have to take a look at what is an essential worker and to continue to tighten that up in terms of any possible confusion,” Lamont said during an interview on WPLR FM.
The governor said is considering tightening the restrictions around what businesses can remain open. “I’m looking at more ways to keep people at home, at least for this 30-day period,” he said during the interview.
Lamont said he’s been “reluctant” to close the state’s large parks, but worries when he sees large groups of young people congregating, such as playing basketball, and not taking social distancing seriously.
“We’ve got to be a lot stricter in some of these places where people tend to congregate,” the governor said. “Certainly I think that April is going to be a horrible month,” said Lamont, basing his prediction on how the virus spread overseas and in Seattle.The state of Connecticut has had 2.571 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 36 residents have died.
Lamont told WPLR the state is at capacity right now. “My first priority is Connecticut,” he said. “I think New Yorkers ought to stay at home. I think the Connecticut people stay at home. And if you absolutely have to cross the border from some emergency reason, it’s really important that you self diagnose and self quarantine. This virus is traveling across borders at warp speed.”The governor said he is scaling back on public appearances. “I’m here at the residence in Hartford 90 percent of the time,” Lamont said.
He said he has not been tested yet. “I am thinking about it,” Lamont said.