Hindu widows have the right to their husband’s agricultural land: HC

BanglaPress Desk
September 2, 2020

Banglapress Desk: The High Court (HC) has ruled that Hindu widows will get a share of their husband’s agricultural land. A High Court bench of Justice Miftah Uddin Chowdhury pronounced the verdict in this regard on Wednesday.
Jyotindranath Mandal, brother-in-law of a Hindu woman, filed a case in a Khulna Court in 1996 claiming that widows do not have the right to their husband’s agricultural land.
The court at that time gave the verdict in favor of the applicant and said that widows were entitled to their husband’s non-agricultural land but not to their agricultural land.
Later an appeal was made at the HC against the verdict.
After lengthy hearings from both sides and taking into consideration the views of expert lawyers, the High Court ruled that Hindu widows would now own their husband’s agricultural land as well as non-agricultural land.