Bulkhead-speedboat collision in Shibchar, 26 bodies recovered

BanglaPress Desk
May 3, 2021

Staff Reporter: The bodies of 26 people have been recovered in a collision between a sand-loaded bulkhead and a speedboat on the Banglabazar-Shimulia route in Shibchar, Madaripur. Several people are still missing in the incident. The accident took place in Banglabazar Ghat area around 6 am on Monday (May 3).
Officer-in-charge (OC) of Shibchar Police Station Miraj Hossain confirmed media about the accident.
The OC said the Speedboat carrying around 30 passengers left Shimulia at 7.30 am. When it reached Kanthalbari Puraton Ghat area, it sank following a collision with the bulkhead. After the incident, so far 25 bodies have been recovered so far.
Local and fire service personnel are conducting rescue operations.