US deports 101 Bangladeshis on charges of illegal entry

BanglaPress Desk
September 6, 2020

Bangla Press Desk: The United States (US) has deported 101 Bangladeshis, including females, back to Bangladesh. They were sent back by a special American plane on Saturday. Most of the returnees are young. After all the formalities at the airport, the returnees started to leave, one by one, after 4:00pm.
Shariful Hasan, head of immigration program of BRAC said that they have learned that these workers went to the United States through different countries at a cost of Rs25 to 30 lakh each after talking with them.
“They were arrested by US Homeland Security on charges of illegal entry. After being in deportation camps for various periods, they were sent back on a special plane today. Workers have returned like this from the US at various times before,” Shariful Hasan added.