Inauguration of university breaking a law in Virginia

BanglaPress Desk
March 2, 2021

Staff Reporter: A Bangladeshi-owned university was inaugurated on Saturday (February 27) by visiting Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen,ignoring an executive order on health regulations issued by Virginia (USA) Governor Ralph Northham.
The Virginia Hygiene Executive Order mandates that the maximum number of persons permitted at a social gathering be limited to 10 indoors and 25 outside. But the Bangladeshi-owned Innovative Global University inaugurated gathering by the university more than 50 people without respect the law.
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam issued ‘Forward Virginia’ Executive Order 72 to curb the spread of the corona virus and to reduce public health restrictions safely and gradually.
Section I, sub-section B and paragraph 1 of Executive Order 72 state that the maximum number of persons permitted for a social gathering should be limited to 10 persons inside the house and 25 persons outside. Another section In Virginia, wearing a mask is required for any person 5 years or older while indoors (except when in their own home) and while outdoors when unable to stay six feet away from other individuals who do not live with you (per Executive Order 72). Individuals may remove masks to participate in a religious ritual.
In violation of these laws in the state of Virginia, the authorities of Innovative Global University organized the inauguration of the university in a colorful way. The university was inaugurated by the visiting Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen. There was a backlash among the expatriates when the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh came to the United States to inaugurate such an event during the Corona epidemic.

There are also questions about the announcement of scholarships worth around Tk 2 crore for students from Bangladesh. Many have raised the question, what is the purpose of giving scholarships to students from Bangladesh only, excluding students from other countries of the world including the United States? University authorities did not specify how many students would be given scholarships. In a Bangla press email message, the authorities of Innovative Global University wanted to know about this but they did not give any good answer.
Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi foreign minister did not get a chance to meet with US envoys to observe the rules of health due to Corona virus visit to the United States. Many people gathered there.
Innovative Global University did not wear a mask at the opening ceremony. The expatriates sharply criticized the guests including Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen, Chairman and CEO of the University Abubakar Hanip.
Boston expatriate Joynal A. Mahmoud wrote on Facebook Where is the Virginia law enforcement agency? They should be fined on the spot and taken to jail. Atlanta expatriate journalist Sikder Manzilur Rahaman said, wearing a mask doesn’t make you look good. New York expatriate journalist Solaiman Ali said, Strange Stems of strange owners, Boston expatriate BNP leader Syed Badre Alam said, owned by Joy Hasina, New York expatriate businessman Kazi Hossain said, It is a good sign, but I could not be happy. Will be valued less than the line degree, and I doubt the job will be guaranteed before or after the university’s honors graduate, using government aids to get up to freshman to master’s degree,New York expatriate Zakir Howlader Said, I think the story is just beginning. If the snake comes out to dig the earthworm, the authorities are not responsible. I’m pretty sure it’s an illegal investment in the wig foreign minister’s illicit income! He came to the United States in the name of meeting with the US Secretary of State to sign the agreement. When he doesn’t have a job, you will see that he will emerge as the head teacher of this school! In fact it is an illegal investment of wigs through Hanip. Farid Alam, a New York-based expatriate journalist, said that the “wig” came to inaugurate the meeting with the US Secretary of State by taking “something” from them. Some went with the coronavirus, some went away.
According to a reliable source, Foreign Minister, The main reason for Dr AK Abdul Momen’s visit to the United States this time was to inaugurate the university. Which he and Innovative Global University authorities kept secret before the visit.
Earlier, the foreign minister inaugurated another company of the same owners in the same manner. At the same time, he visited a house (basement) in Jackson Heights, New York and inaugurated an Indian-owned TV channel called Bangla Channel. Although the Indian Consul General in New York was invited to inaugurate the channel at that time, no one came, but the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh went to the basement and inaugurated it. Which was a topic of discussion among the expatriates at that time.
It is learned that a media brokerage group including Momen Fan Club is working in New York to inaugurate these organizations. They helped to inaugurate these institutions with the foreign minister in exchange for a large sum of money. It was this ring of brokers who once made an oiled recommendation to the Prime Minister to make the then Permanent Representative of the United Nations, Dr. AK Abdul Momen, the Foreign Minister.