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A busy bee

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Popular actor Swagata is known for her versatile talents. Much beloved as a host and a singer, she even fronted her own band for a while. At the moment, she is in a number of television dramas which are currently airing on various channels, and is hosting two programmes on television. The Daily Star has recently caught up with the artiste, who shed more light on what is keeping her busy.

What projects are you currently working on?

Swagata: Mostly, television dramas. Right now I’m in Cox’s Bazaar filming a telefilm titled Bonmalirey Bolo Radha and a single episode play, Du’jone Mile Eka. Both are directed by Sazzad. A few days ago I wrapped up filming for Nargis Akhter’s tele-film, titled Nandini.

What plays you have starred in are currently on air?

Swagata: Locket is being aired on BTV, and NTV is airing Kagojer Phul. Other plays are Sentimental Selim on Rtv and DB on ATN Bangla.

Are you working in any new dramas?

Swagata: I’m currently working on Good, Bad, Ugly, directed by Animesh Aich. It is a really fun drama, I’m enjoying the whole experience.

Do you still host TV programmes?

Swagata: I do. You can watch me on two shows; Shonali Din’er Rupali Golpo on Banglavision, and No. 10 Boarding on NTV. Both of these programmes require a lot more than hosting- I have to appear in a different disguise every episode, which provides a challenge I quite enjoy.

Is there anything else you wish to do aside from acting?

Swagata: My heart has always pined for singing, and I’ve received training since I was a little child. But now that I’m concentrating on acting, I’ve not been able to sing as much as I would like to.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

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