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Protests in New York over a terrorist attack on a Buddhist monastery in Rangunia

by BanglaPress Desk

Staff Reporter: The United States Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council and Bangladesh Hindu Coalition have gathered in New York to protest against the terrorist attack on a Buddhist monastery in Rangunia, Chittagong. Local Hindu-Buddhist-Christian leaders staged a sit-in in Rangunia to protest the recent occupation of land at a Buddhist monastery, vandalism of the monastery and attempts to kill monks.
Speakers at the protest, held at the Diversity Plaza in Jackson Heights on Sunday afternoon (July 12), New York local time, demanded immediate arrest and trial of those involved.
On July 8, local terrorists attacked the Padua, Falharia Gyan Shmaran Buddhist monastery in Rangunia police station in Chittagong with the intention of capturing it. An influential local person helped in this. It is learned that the attack was carried out by the identified terrorists of the area under the leadership of a person close to the influential person of the ruling party. At that time, the terrorists threatened to leave the country and kill the revered Bhadanta Sharanankar Ther. Then they vandalized Buddhist monasteries and Buddha statues.

Exaggerating the matter threatens to kill everyone. At present, the power supply to that Buddhist monastery has been cut off. As a result, 30 monks from Bihar are living inhumane lives at the risk of their lives. After this incident, the Buddhist monks living in Bangladesh and the apostate Buddhist monks are living in extreme insecurity.
The protest rally was organized by the United States Branch of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Parishad and the Bangladesh Hindu Coalition. The leader of the Hindu community Sitangshu Guha, President of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council. Dr.Thomas Dulu Roy and Ranbir Barua, one of the leaders of Bangladesh Hindu Coalition Dinesh Chandra Majumder and Govinda Jebania, Shishir Badua, Maitrisar Barua, Amal Barua, Uchingnu Marma, Siddharth Barua, Ivan Barua, Sabuj Barua, Sujoy Barua, Gupta, Bidhan Chandra Pal and Shubhashish Barua.


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