Bangladesh’s efforts continue to make international recognition of Genocide 1971

BanglaPress Desk
March 26, 2021

Staff Reporter: Bangladesh permanent missions in the United Nations have been conducted in 1971, ‘National Genocide Day’ in memory of the brutal, cruel and worst massacre of the history of Bangladesh. Cavid-19 due to superministration, organized a mass killing day on Thursday (March 25) at 6pm local time in Bangabandhu Auditorium of the Mission in a limited range due to local health rules. Initially, the martyrs of martyrs were killed in memory of the departed soul of the martyrs and the candle was shining. The special prayer was made to pray for the forgiveness of the souls of martyrs. Then the President and the Prime Minister’s message given on the occasion of the day, the documentary video display and free discussion was held.
Bangladesh’s permanent representative Ambassador to the United Nations in the discussion program, Rabab Fatima, said, “We started our portrait program to make our genocide day properly to the international community. We continue to exchange views with the victims of massacre, which will help us take the next step for this goal. The friend of friends, we have plans to work together for our massacre on the United Nations and other global platforms with the country and genocide countries in our Liberation War. We are determined to continue the highest effort to adopt international recognition of the massacre of 1971 “.
The discussion and seminars have been organized in the permanent representatives, researchers, thieved tanks and students of Genocide Studies and students of various universities of genocide countries in a permanent mission in the last time. Ambassador Fatima expressed expects to further strengthen the activities of the Covid-19 guidance if the activities of the guidance will be further strengthened.
In the given speech, the permanent representative of Bangladesh urged the expatriate Bangladeshis to work from their position to internationalization of genocide. She said, “The expatriate Bangladeshis near the host country can highlight our massacre and increase public relations in this regard”.
Bangladesh’s permanent representative of Bangladesh’s Father’s birth anniversary, the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, and the permanent representative of Bangladesh to work united in the eve of the fifty years of massive massacre. Officers and employees of the missions participated in open discussion in the mission.