10 thousand people died in a day corona virus in the world

BanglaPress Desk
April 5, 2021

Staff Reporter: In the world 10 thousand people died in the affected Corona virus. This increased the number of dead, now more than 28 lakh 58 thousand. More than 6 lakh people have been repeatedly taxed.
The number of people affected by corona virus (Covid-19) across the globe stands at 13 crore 19 lakh 8 thousand 89 people. And the global number of deaths caused by this virus stands at 28 lakh 65 thousand 917 people. Of those infected worldwide, 10 crore 61 lakh 95 thousand 319 people have recovered.
International survey organisation Worldometer disclosed the information on Monday (April 5).
The first coronavirus outbreak occurred in Wuhan, China, in December last year. It started spreading in different countries of the world from last February.