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Khatme Tarabeeh going on more than hundreds mosques in USA

by BanglaPress Desk

Staff Reporter: Despite the Corona epidemic in the United States, Khatme Tarabeeh is running in more than a hundred mosques run by expatriate Bangladeshis in different states. Besides, daily iftar mahfil is also going on in a limited form. Expatriate Bangladeshis in most areas except two or three cities in a few states have started fasting since Tuesday, April 13.

Millions of people in the United States have been under house arrest for more than a year to protect themselves from the scourge of the coronavirus epidemic. Millions of expatriate Bangladeshis were under house arrest under the same order. As a result, Tarabeeh is not able to take part in the Tarabeeh prayers inside the mosque this time as before. Prayers have to be performed inside the mosque while maintaining social distance.

Regular mosques in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Virginia, California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, South Carolina, Washington D.C and KentuckyTarabee was arranged by the Bangladeshi-run mosque committee. Besides, religious speeches are going on till late at night after Iftar mahfil in different mosques. Islamic thinkers are making important statements highlighting the significance of Ramadan in the light of the Qur’an and Hadith.
Tarabeeh and regular Iftar gatherings at more than 20 mosques in the six northeastern states of the United States, including Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut. Hundreds of devout Bangladeshi devotees are participating in Tarabeeh and Iftar mahfils at these mosques every day.


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