USA AL leaders and activists worried about intruder Siddique

BanglaPress Desk
June 9, 2021

Staff Reporter: USA Awami League leaders and activist has become concerned about the intruder Siddiqur Rahman. Former President of the United States Awami League, which was constitutionally dissolved about 2 years ago. Siddiqur Rahman’s speech at a regular press conference in New York, like the controversial mayor of Noakhali’s Kompaniganj’s Basurhat municipality, Abdul Quader Mirza, has created a new wave of anger among local leaders and activists.

The former president of the United States Awami League was constituted almost two years ago. Siddiqur Rahman has been conferred with a news conference in New York, the controversial mayor Abdul Quader in the company of Boshurhat Municipality of Noakhali, according to the speech of Basurhat Municipality of Noakhali.
Dr Siddique known as the infiltrator of the Awami League. Although Siddiqur Rahman ambushed the USA Awami League, he has been working as an agent of BNP-Jamaat for a long time. This time he proved it himself. Unknowingly, he leaked his own ‘gomer’ himself. Last Saturday (June 5) at a press conference, the former president of the Awami League. When Siddiqur Rahman called for strengthening the opposition to stop corruption in the present government, a new controversy arose among the leaders and workers of the party.

Former president of USA Awami League (declared extinct) said. Siddique Rahman recently returned to United States from the country and hosted a press conference. He told a news conference at a restaurant in Jackson Heights, New York, about the situation in the country at noon on Saturday (June 5) local time. “Bangladesh’s biggest misfortune is that there is no strong opposition in the country,” he said. There is no one to criticize the government or Sheikh Hasina. So let’s criticize the government and form a strong opposition as well.

He said that he could not see how the so-called Awami League leaders wore so many lies while wearing Mujibcoat. He was shocked to see the lies of these leaders.

During his time in the country, he thought of giving some financial help to the helpless people, but he could not find a person to whom he would give the responsibility. Because corruption is everywhere, including local leaders and activists.

‘We can’t do anything from here to those who are looting the country’s money and living in luxury in London, USA or Begum Para in Canada, but we socially boycott and hate them as thieves,’ he said.

After ignoring all the instructions of Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and running the party as he wished, this time when he returned from the country, he made anti-party and anti-government speeches and created new controversies within the party.

One of the former members of USA Awami League Advisory Council. Pradeep Ranjan Kar alleged that Siddiqur Rahman was an infiltrator in the USA Awami League. So he took the people of Chhatra Shibir and Jagodal to the committee of USA Awami League in exchange for money.
Ex Commerce Secretary Misbah Ahmed and Ex Education Secretary M A Karim Jahangir alleged that Siddiqur Rahman, President of the USA Awami League, had started a dispute with the USA Juba League, Swechchhasebak League, Mahila League and New York Metropolitan Awami League in order to continue his unorganized activities. Extortion is being done in the name of forming various state committees.
Former office secretary of USA Awami League Mohammad Ali Siddiqui complained that the former president of USA Awami League. Siddiqur Rahman, ignoring all the instructions of Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has formed various state committees in exchange for large sums of money without holding a conference of USA Awami League for a long time. Not only that, he has also neglected the birth history of Awami League. Sheikh Hasina’s son Sajeeb Wazed Joy, who is in charge of the care of the USA Awami League, broke the name of former president Siddiqur Rahman and former in charge secretary Abdus Samad Azad has carried out one unorganized activity after another with this expired organization.
Siddiqur Rahman, an infiltrator and opportunist in the USA Awami League, is doing whatever he wants to satisfy his own interests by ignoring all the rules, regulations, constitution and instructions of the central leadership of the party. Without any rules and regulations, many members of the party are trying to cover up their misdeeds by showing greed for position.
Former president of USA Awami League (declared extinct) said. Abdul Hamid, Siddiqur Rahman’s favorite former publicity secretary, commented on Facebook that he appreciated Siddiqur Rahman’s allegations against corruption. But it remains to be seen how honest he is. It’s not like the grapefruit is sour. Or we can say that in the absence of opportunity we are all honest. He is currently the chairman of an organization in Bangladesh. That’s how it happened. Does he work in the USA, what is his source of income? There are many allegations against him. I personally want justice for all corruption. But if a corruption free person makes this movement then the expatriates will welcome it. We do not want to see the second Kader Mirza in the United States. Politically unsuccessful people are doing this out of frustration and anger, or trying to go viral on social media! His burning proof is Kader Mirza.

Meanwhile, the former president of USA Awami League involved in various misdeeds including extortion by breaking the name of the party. Leaders and activists of the USA Awami League have lodged a complaint with the Prime Minister, including the Central Awami League, alleging 17 misdeeds against Siddiqur Rahman. The allegations, which were filed in September 2019, include allegations that the Prime Minister’s Appropriations Committee was reshuffled, that extra-constitutional activities were involved, and that a doctor planning to kidnap the prime minister’s son, Sajeeb Wazed Joy, was paid a large sum of money.
The term of the committee of the USA Awami League expired 8 years ago. The USA Awami League has been abolished under constitutional rules since she herself presided over Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s civic reception in New York in September 2019. For the first three years, Sheikh Hasina’s approved committee had 76 members. At present there are 173 people. The age of the approved committee is over 11 years. In the last 8 years, he has played the game of discovering and expelling people of his choice in a completely unorganized process. His main aim is to make money from the work of ordinary workers by showing greed for different positions. He is still doing that. He has been controversial with the government, the country, Bangabandhu and Sheikh Hasina and her son himself with various controversial statements.
A few years ago, on National Mourning Day (August 15), a video of his wife Shahanara Begum falling to the ground with a laugh went viral. At that time, both of them became quite controversial.
In the presence of the Prime Minister at the civic reception of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in New York in September 2018, the slogan ‘Siddique no longer wants to see’ or ‘No more Siddique’ became the venue of the reception.