Urgent ‘Warning Message’ of Fobana Conference in USA

BanglaPress Desk
August 1, 2022

Staff Reporter:The Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America (FOBANA) has issued a new ‘warning message’ regarding the Fobana conference, a gathering of Bangladeshis living in the United States. The ‘warning’ was issued in a press release sent by Fobana leaders last Saturday (July 30).

According to the notification, a gathering of Bangladeshis in the United States has recently started unwanted, immoral, anti-constitutional activities by a cabal. which has come to their attention.
In an important meeting of Fobana’s Central Committee on June 30, former chairperson Zakaria Chowdhury along with three other former leaders were expelled for 5 years due to their involvement in anti-Fobana activities with the vote and consent of the majority of members in a democratic manner according to the constitution.

At present Zakaria Chowdhury has no relationship with the original Fobana, so everyone is urged to refrain from any communication or transaction with Zakaria Chowdhury in any matter related to Fobana.
Fobana officials mentioned that a legal notice (Cease and Desist) letter has also been sent to Zakaria Chowdhury on behalf of Fobana as per the law.