Consulate service shut down for dispute in Michigan

BanglaPress Desk
August 25, 2022

Noman Sabit: The embassy has stopped the consulate service in the case of expatriates’ verbal dispute with the first secretary of the Bangladesh embassy, ​​Muhammad Abdul Hai Milton, while providing mobile consulate services in Detroit, Michigan. The incident happened on river bank of Detroit downtown around 10 pm local time on Sunday. On Monday afternoon, local organizers of the consular camp called a press conference and told this information.
Embassy officials, including Secretary Milton, went for a walk along the river in downtown Detroit on Sunday night, the press conference said. A group of 7-8 people went to the river bank to hand over the memorandum demanding a permanent consulate office in Michigan. Embassy Secretary Milton expressed reluctance to accept the memorandum and suggested sending it to the embassy’s official e-mail. They got angry. They abused Milton in unspeakable language. At one point he climbed up to beat him. In this incident, the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington stopped the mobile consular service.
It was also said in the press conference that the incident of harassment of the embassy secretary has caused a great loss to the community. The suffering of Bangladeshi passport holders has increased.
The Bangladesh Embassy in Washington informed that Secretary Muhammad Abdul Hai Milton was not physically harassed at the scene. A number of expatriates have only verbal disputes with him.
However, the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington is said to be investigating the matter.