Cyclone Ian
Two thousand Bangladeshis spending days in extreme distress in Florida

BanglaPress Desk
September 30, 2022

Ema Alice: More than 2,000 Bangladeshis have been affected by the strong cyclone ‘Ian’ in the coastal area of ​​Florida, USA. The cyclone made its first landfall near the island of Cayo Costa last Wednesday (September 28) at 3pm. According to the sources of local Basladeshi, about 2,000 Bangladeshis living in about 10 areas including Fort Myers, St. Petersburg, Naples, Sarasota and Cape Coral in the western part of Florida have suffered extensive damage to their businesses and homes.

The president of Bangladesh Association of Florida and the former general secretary of Bangladesh Awami League Florida branch, Mohammad Rahman Zahir, told this representative that Bangladeshis living in the eastern part of Florida were not harmed. Only received light rain and gusts of wind. However, the water did not enter the house and no one’s business was damaged.

On the other hand, about 2,000 Bangladeshi businesses and homes living in about 10/12 areas including Fort Myers, St. Petersburg, Naples, Sarasota and Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Apalachicola, Siesta Key, Pensacola in the western part of Florida have been severely damaged. The water rose up to the roof of many houses. Mohammad Rahman Zahir said that it broke the all-time record.

A Bangladeshi businessman in Fort Myers said that Bangladeshis here are involved in businesses like gas stations, convenience stores and groceries. In the last 3 days, the powerful cyclone ‘Ian’ has left everything in shambles. The house has sunk. The water rose up to the roof of many houses. Millions of people including Bangladeshis in this area are living in extreme poverty.
It is reported that the city of Naples, Florida is still under 4 feet of water. Several cities without electricity.

Bakhtiar Rahman in Foot Myers said that the 150 mph cyclone ‘Ian’ has caused a lot of damage to Foot Myers. Many houses were destroyed. Homes near the beach in Ft. Myers were damaged in Category 5 damage. He said that the Bangladeshi families are safe. Many have left their homes and moved to safe havens. With winds over 10 mph, Hurricane Sarasota crossed Tampa Bay. Central Florida’s Home Depot, Lowes, was packed. Bought generators, wood, soil, sand, whatever they could on Wednesday that was open for a while. Ian struck at 140 mph in the Ponta Gardens area near Ft. Myers between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. There was heavy rain and strong winds everywhere.
Categorized in 4. The landfall ion began to move at 9 mph. Ian is moving past Southeast Florida in Storm Search at 150 mph. Formerly named Craig Figat
FEMA official said, Federal Emergency Management – FEMA has prepared 1300 federal response workers to deal with any situation. With equipment ready. He said, 1,28,000 gallons of pasoline are ready for rapid response. 300 ambulances on standby, 3.7 million mills (food) and 3.5 million bottles of water are ready. 2,500 Red Cross responders and 6,000 emergency shelters have been arranged.
Sarasota Mayor Eric Err also said power will be back soon. Emergency crews are working around the clock. Many shelter centers have been expanded. He said, we are ready, generators are ready, many people have been moved to safe places. Flooding potential of 4 to 18 inches has been reported. South-east Pot Sarlet is destroyed by Ian.

The whole city is a ghost town. Governor de Santos said that 1.8 million people are without electricity. 3 million people have been evacuated to safety. A one-story hotel in downtown Fort Myers has sunk. In Sarasota, 96 percent of the area is without power.
Everyone is spending the night in fear and worry at home. Hurricane Ian, the deadliest in Florida’s history, has devastated citizens. At the time of writing this report, winds are blowing toward Central Florida. Everyone is afraid of the wind. Orlando is currently under Category 2 on Wednesday at 11 p.m. Many small and big trees have fallen. On September 28, the whole night will be spent in anxiety. Central Florida is inundated with heavy rain. Children at home are terrified. Seeing Yan’s rampage on TV, 6-year-old Ayesha screamed bachao all afternoon and evening.
According to Duke Energy of Orlando, 80,000 citizens will be without power in the city of Orlando. Curfew has been imposed across the city. If anyone comes out, they will be arrested on 2nd degree charges. Calling Bangladeshis from different parts of the city, it was learned that everyone is terrified. Everyone is praying for God’s help especially after seeing the terrible damage of Naples and Sarasota.