Mosharraf president, Rashid secretary of Dinajpur Zilla Samity in New York

BanglaPress Desk
October 31, 2022

Chhabed Sathee: A new committee of Dinajpur District Association in New York has been formed. In this two-year committee, Mosharraf Hossain is the president and Adv. Abdur Rashid has been nominated as General Secretary. Dinajpur district assembly elections were postponed almost 2 years ago due to corona epidemic. After that, various difficulties arose with the formation of the new committee. Finally, last Saturday (October 29) under the supervision of the organization’s advisory council, a new committee was formed at a meeting of the executive council held in Jamaica, New York.
All the members of the Executive Council were present in addition to the members of the Advisory Council of Dinajpur District Association, which was held in a beautiful and healthy environment. The names and designations of all the 29 positions of the executive council of the organization have not been finalized yet. Those who were elected in the new committee are – F Alam Newmoon as a treasurer, Tarek Zaheri as a organizing secretary was announced in the presence of all. Other members are Fatenur Alam Babu, Jabed Chowdhury Bhuttu, Bipul Sarkar, Shamim Sarker, Dr. Nargis Rahman, Md. Shafiullah, Tariqul Islam,
Lutfar Rahman, Shahiduzzaman Chowdhury Lablu, Md Golam Kibria, Rezaul Karim Bappi, Haider Ali Sarkar and Aminur Rahman Ishan and others.

After announcing the name of the new committee, elected president Mosharof Hossain and general secretary Adv. Abdur Rashid said in a response, like other regional organizations in the United States, there is no conflict and strife in the Dinajpur Association and we do not want to see it in the future. We have been able to prove even abroad that the people of Dinajpur are really peaceful. We want to make this organization the best organization in the diaspora. For this, the concerted efforts of all Dinajpur residents abroad are required. Hope everyone will come forward and help us in this matter. Who play an active role in the formation of the new committee Chief Advisors Dr. Ruhul Quddus,  former  President Abdur Rashid (Pharmacist), former President Anwar Subhani, Sayed Shamsuzzoha, Md. Mithun, Adv. Shah Bakhtiar, former General Secretary Jabed Chowdhury Bhuttu, Mrs. Bhuttu, Tarek Zaheri and Khokon thanked all the new president and General Secretary.