Road name is ‘Bangladesh’ this time after two avenues in New York

BanglaPress Desk
February 11, 2023

Noman Sabit: After the naming of Little Bangladesh Avenue in two areas in New York, a proposal has been made to name a street as ‘Bangladesh Street’. All preparations to make 73 Street, the hub of Bangladeshi businessmen in Jackson Heights, as ‘Bangladesh Street’ are almost complete. City Council Member (District 25) Shekhar Krishnan introduced the proposal at the City Council’s Committee on Parks hearing on Tuesday, January 31. With the implementation of his election promises, the long-standing expectations of the Bangladeshi community will also be fulfilled.

Jackson Heights Bangladeshi Business Association (JBBA) led by Harun-Fahad is pushing for a road named ‘Bangladesh’ in the Bangladeshi-infested Jackson Heights of New York, USA. In July of last year, officials from the organization sent a proposal to New York City officials. The concerned councilmen are trying to pass the proposal.
On Tuesday, January 31, the Committee on Parks held a hearing in favor of renaming 129 streets in the five boroughs of New York City after different countries, regions and individuals. The council members of their respective districts suggested these names. This hearing is over. Voting will now take place. The bill will then go to the City Council.
At the Committee on Parks and Recreation hearing, Jackson Heights City Councilmember Shekhar Krishnan, chair of the committee, mentioned renaming the two streets at the outset. One Bangladesh Street and one Asif Rahman Way.
At the beginning of his speech, Council Member Shekhar praised the Bangladeshis in New York and said that Seventy-third Street in Jackson Heights is the “heart and soul” of the Bangladeshi community. I mean, they love all of New York City with their hearts, not just Jackson Heights. I propose to rename Seventy Third Street as Bangladesh Street out of deep respect for Bangladesh community. Through this naming, I acknowledge the great contribution of the Bangladeshis in the development of Jackson Heights.
Shekhar Krishnan said, there is a huge small business of Bangladeshis in this Jackson Heights. They have made this area unique through this business. Moreover, throughout the year, Bangladeshis keep this area alive by performing their traditional culture.
Councilman Krishnan soon after proposed to name the road near the accident site ‘Asif Rahman Way’ after him on Queen’s Boulevard where brilliant Queen’s College student Asif Rahman tragically lost his life after being hit by a truck while cycling.

Shekhar Krishnan said, after the death of Asif Rahman, his mother Lizi Rahman jumped into the movement to make Queens Boulevard safe. That’s why the entire Queens Boulevard, formerly known as Death Boulevard, is much safer today. He said, we will always remember Asif. Asif Rahman, a Bangladeshi-origin teenager who died after being run over by a truck near 55th Avenue while cycling, proposed naming the road ‘Asif Rahman Way’. The deceased Asif Rahman is the son of expatriate writer and teacher Lizi Rahman.
Note that the corner of Union Port Road and Sterling Avenue in Parkchester, Bronx, New York was named Banglabazar Way at the beginning of the new century, and the word Bangladesh or Bangla came to the street sign in New York.
Then on February 21 last year, Little Bangladesh Avenue at the corner of Hillside Avenue and Homelon Street in Jamaica was inaugurated, on October 16 last year, the street sign of the new name of the corner of Church Avenue and Macdonald Avenue in Brooklyn was unveiled by Shahana Hanif, the first city council member of Bangladeshi origin. It was on his proposal that this name was changed to ‘Little Bangladesh’. On the other hand, city councilman Jim Ginaro and his wife unveiled the new name of Jamaica’s Hillside Avenue ‘Little Bangladesh’ Avenue sign.

Several other streets in New York City are named after Bangladeshi immigrants. Like Mizanur Rahman Way in Ozone Park, Shakila Yasmin and Nurul Haque Mia Way in Brooklyn. Shakila Yasmin and Nurul Haque Mia died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks while working on the Twin Towers.