US Awami League president get legal notice for told story behind US ban

BanglaPress Desk
March 12, 2023

Minara Helen: Dr. Siddiqur Rahman, President of United States Awami League has received a legal notice for withdrawing his statement on the background of sanctions given by the United States Treasury Department to the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and its former and present six officers, accusing them of human rights violations. On the occasion of the Foreign Minister’s visit to the United States on February 24, in a meeting titled ‘Role of expatriates in the development of Bangladesh’ held at the Bangladesh Consulate General office in New York, Siddiqur Rahman spoke about the involvement of two people behind the US sanctions against RAB. When it spread through social media, the legal notice was sent by lawyer for the former ambassador of Fiji and Democrat leader M. Osman Siddique, who was appointed by the US government last Monday (March 6) after watching the YouTube video. It is said that Siddiqur Rahman received it on March 8.

In the meeting held at the Bangladesh Consulate General in New York, the role of expatriates in the development of Bangladesh. Siddiqur Rahman said, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and its former and current six officers behind the sanctions given by the US Treasury Department. Yunus and the US-based son of former Chancellor Osman Ghani are involved. Osman Gani’s two sons are staying in the United States. The other is the former education minister of Bangladesh and BNP leader Dr. Osman Faruk. But the interesting thing is that although Siddiqur Rahman did not directly mention anyone’s name, Osman Siddique understood that he was the person. And that’s why he sent the legal notice to Carl H. Joseph-Black, a lawyer at the Telos+Areti US law firm, fearing a lawsuit.
Although the date of incident was February 24, the notice sent mentioned February 25. Foreign Minister added a copy of the notice on WhatsApp. Apart from sending it to Abdul Momen, it has also been sent to US Treasury Department, Bangladesh Embassy in Washington and Bangladesh Consulate in New York through e-mail.
It is said in the notice, Foreign Minister of Bangladesh. In the presence of AK Abdul Momen and Ambassador of Bangladesh Mohammad Imran appointed to Washington. Siddiqur Rahman gave false and fabricated statements. Attorney Joseph’s client. Osman Siddique has been defamed. Mr. Osman Siddique is the son of former Chancellor Osman Ghani and served as US Ambassador during the Clinton administration.
The notice mentions that Siddiqur Rahman should refrain from making such defamatory and disrespectful statements against Osman Siddique in the future. The defamatory and false statements made at the consulate must be formally retracted. It should be withdrawn and sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dhaka, the Embassy of Bangladesh in Washington, the United State Treasury Department, the Bangladesh Consulate in New York and Osman Siddique’s attorney’s office. By the next 20th of March Dr. Siddiqur Rahman if fails to do so, the law firm will file a case in court on Osman Siddique’s behalf.

Dr. Siddiqur Rahman told this reporter, he said in his speech. I mentioned the name of Dr. Yunus but did not mention the name of Osman Siddique. I said the son of Osman Gani who is staying in USA. His brother also lives in the United States. So how did Osman Siddique understand that he is that person?
Sidikur Rahman said, Osman Siddique sent the legal notice just as the people of the country became vocal as the statement of 40 people against Bangladesh by singing Safi of Dr. Yunus was published in the Washington Post of advertisements.
However, he will deal with the matter legally and expose them. For this, he sought the cooperation of everyone including the Prime Minister.
It should be noted that the United States Treasury Department has sanctioned the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and its six former and current officers, accusing them of human rights violations. The ban was given on December 10, 2021, on International Human Rights Day. In a notification, the US Treasury Department said that RAB has undermined the rule of law and human rights by participating in the Bangladesh government’s war against drugs. The national security interests of the United States are threatened. The visa of one of them was also cancelled.
The banned officials are RAB DG Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun, former DG and current IGP Benazir Ahmed, RAB Additional DG Khan Mohammad Azad, Tofail Mustafa Sarwar, Mohammad Jahangir Alam and Mohammad Anwar Latif Khan.