Borsoboron-Mangal Shobhajatra in New York: Start with ‘Uludhvani’ end with rain

BanglaPress Desk
April 16, 2023

Noman Sabit: The two-day universal Bengali Borsoboron and Mangal Shobhajatra, which started with ‘Uludhvani’ at Time Square in New York, USA, ended in rain. Last Friday (April 14) in the morning of the opening ceremony of the first day, the singers and Doarki (co-artists) women were heard singing Uludhvani, a storm of protest arose among the Bangladeshi diaspora in the United States when the video spread on social media. The leaders of the Muslim community have expressed extreme anger about this. The organizers have not commented on this till now.
Organized by an organization called NRB World Wide, which has sprung up in New York, on Friday (April 14) morning at Times Square (46th Street and Broadway), the two-day long event titled 1430 Bangla Borsoboron was held on the first day of the event, except for Shilpi and Doarki (co-artist). inhospitable The empty gallery was seen live on Facebook Live by NRB Worldwide Authority from Times Square. Although they wanted to enjoy the event, the angry expatriates did not attend because of the sanctity of Ramadan. No invited guests attended the opening ceremony. Rabindra music artist Rezwana Chowdhury Banya and dancer Laila Hasan from Bangladesh were present at the Times Square event.

At the Times Square event, under the direction of Mahitosh Talukder Tapas, the Doarki (co-artists) who were present there performed Pahela Boishakh and country songs. The women present wore the same color sarees and the men wore the same type of Punjabi to participate in the event. Dancer Laila Hasan danced to the rhythm of the song. At the beginning of the program, the singers and Doarki (co-artists) women could be heard chanting ‘Ululululu’. When it spread through social media, there was a storm of protest among the Bangladeshi diaspora in the United States.

When speaking to a Sanatan Dharmalambi conscious expatriate in New York who did not want to be named in this regard, he said that in Sanatan Bengali society, starting from Sandhya Puja, any manglik ceremony or Puja Parban, nothing is done without Uludhvani. In almost all parts of India, including West Bengal and Bangladesh, this traditional culture can be seen in any social event. According to the Vaishnavas, U is Radha and Lu is Krishna, so both are commemorated by Uludhvani. On the first day of the 1430 Bengali New Year celebration at Shatakantha 1430 Bangla Borsoboron organized by an organization called NRB World Wide on Friday (April 14) morning in Time Square, New York, the voices of artists and doarki (co-artists) women could be heard saying ‘Ululululu’. A traditional opportunistic group has controverted the non-sectarian universal Bengali Varshavaran and Mangal procession by subtly worshiping Surya and Ganesha in the name of Bengali Borsoboron and Mangal Shobhajatra, which has never happened before anywhere in the world. In this incident, there is a storm of condemnation among Muslims in the whole United States, including New York. But the good thing is that the traditional opportunistic group has involved two-thirds of the Muslim youth in the Bengali New Year and Mangal Shobhajatra, who have no traditional knowledge. Among them are doctors, researchers, writers, writers, journalists and cultural workers who are crazy about guests, titles and self-promotion.

Rathindranath Roy, the artist of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra, who won the Ekushe Padak, participated in the concert on Friday. The participants performed the so-called Mangal Shobhajatra in a short space by beating the drums and holding the images of different types of masks. However, new questions have arisen among expatriates about the placement of portrait masks of one man and one woman (used for whom, why, in what sense) at the venue and in the procession. On the other hand, the local and foreign tourists of Times Square could not enjoy the event as the participants were surrounded by a certain place and took part.
New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Consul General of Bangladesh Consulate Dr. Monirul Islam, freedom fighter and writer Dr. Nurun Nabi and other guests attended the event on Saturday at Diversity Plaza, Jackson Heights in New York. Renowned Rabindra Sangeet artist Rezwana Chowdhury Banya and popular Indian Rabindra Sangeet artist Kamalini Mukhopadhyay performed music on the occasion. Under pressure from the Muslim community, the organizers stopped the event for 40 minutes for Iftar. But there was no iftar break in their schedule. However, the event continued even though the Taraweeh prayer had started in the neighboring mosque. Later, when it started raining, the event was called off. The day-long event at Diversity Plaza in Jackson Heights is also said to have been celebrated.
Biswajit Saha, Tofazzal Liton and musician Mahitosh Talukder Tapas of NRB World Wide, the organizer of the Mangal Shobhajatra and Baisakhi Mela, were asked separately that many expatriates think that the Mangal Shobhajatra will destroy the sanctity of Ramadan. Any odd day in the last 10 days of fasting is considered as the day/night of Shab-e Qadr. Accordingly April 14 and 15 are 23 and 24 fast. What is the main purpose of organizing the Mangal Shobhajatra procession in these two days? None of them could answer it correctly.