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Audience enthralled by performances of new generation artists in New York

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Kousholy Ema: For the first time in New York, the concert for the optimists was held with the new generation of artists. Fuad Al Muqtadir, the popular singer, composer, music director and producer of the country and abroad, helped the new generation of artists to sing in the music event held in the auditorium of Mary Louise Academy in Wexford Terrace, Jamaica last Saturday (July 1).

In his welcome speech, Rahat Muqtadir mentioned that the money collected from the concert will be given to the fund of the United States charitable organization ‘The Optimists’. He said there was no entry fee for the event organized with the new generation of artists. Those who attended the event and gave donations will be deposited into the fund of the charity organization ‘The Optimists’. He sincerely thanked all the guests who came to the event including the donors. He said that we have tried to organize an exceptional program out of the traditional program. He hopes that this will encourage our new generation of artists.

Among the new generation artists who have sung are Priyangvada Banerjee, Sonia Lasmin Labani, Rudaba, Ranan, Jonathan and Justin. In addition, the popular composer, music director and producer Fuad Al Muqtadir and his band Fuad and Friends were also a special attraction at the event. The artistes were accompanied by the instrumental music of the popular ‘soil band artists’ of New York. They are – Partha Gupta, Richard, Mahfuz, Johan and Debu Chowdhury. Fuad and Friends group artists performed music. They are Fuad Al Muqtadir, Panth Kanai, Hasib and Tashfi. They were accompanied by Tamal on drums, Naeem and Adnan on guitar, Pavel on bass guitar and Nick Gianni on saxophone. Also performing for the band Elysium are Rudaba (guitar), Jonathan (guitar), Justin on keyboards, and Tom on drums.
The event lasts from evening to midnight.

It should be noted that Fuad left Bangladesh and moved to the United States in 1988 at the age of eight. After coming to the United States, he enrolled in a junior school. He was always busy with music. Finally, in 1993, he formed a band group ‘Jeffir’ with Madhu, Himel, Shuman and Fred. They recorded several songs until the band broke up in 1999. They released two albums Maya 1 and Maya 2 for Bangladeshi residents of New York City, USA.

Fouad gained popularity with his songs Bapuram Sapure in Sangeetajne Miller’s voice and Komar Dolaiya in Rupbane Nache. He also gained a lot of popularity in the World Cup T20 theme song ‘Char Chakka Hoi Hoi’.
His first record since leaving Jeff’s band was Re-Evolution. The album came out with the help of keyboardist Sohle Aziz of the band Obscure. The album includes 14 songs sung by lead singers and backing singers. This album includes original songs as well as remixes of the same songs. Litur’s ‘Silti’ Aneela Naz Chowdhury’s ‘Jhilmil’, Amreen Musa’s ‘Bhramar Kayo’ and ‘Mann Cheh Man’ re-mixed songs are included in this album. Fuad’s Variation No. 25 was produced in 2006. In 2006, the previous album was re-released as Variation No. 25.2 with two more new songs included in this album under the banner of G-Series and Arshi. Some of the songs in this album are: Poonam’s Naveena, Rajib/Fouad’s Chubby Legs and Bappa Mazumdar’s No Shelter. Fuad’s ‘Banya’ album was released on July 20, 2007 under the banner of G-Series. Some of the songs on this album are Upal’s ‘Tor Aayi Aami Vadali’, Fuad/Bishop’s ‘Banya Rap’, Fuad’s ‘Jangli’, Da-Dusht Number’ and Chubby Feet (Live). Fouad worked on some more albums. Such as Suman and Anila’s ‘Ekhno Ami’, Tapur (Yatri’s voice) ‘Bandhu Hobe Ki?’, Fouad featuring Kana, Fouad featuring Mala, Fouad featuring Mila ‘Re-Defined’ and Fouad featuring various artistes ‘Ramanboy’.

In December 2008. He has also worked on various solo and mixed albums by Shereen, Anila, Suman, Tapu and other artists.
Fouad’s family is involved in healthcare business in New York City, USA. Fuad married Maya on February 13, 2011. His wife, Maya, has a degree in social work from the University of British Columbia, Canada. The couple had a daughter, Azalea, on February 4, 2016, and a son, Jane, in 2021. Currently Fuad lives in Los Angeles. Running his Black Box Studio there.


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