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Fake news can’t stop business competition: Mohammad Aziz

New York expat businessman's press conference

by BanglaPress Desk

Mohammad Aziz, a NY expatriate businessman and elected chairman of the board of trustees of Bangladesh Society


Noman Sabit: Mohammad Aziz, a New York expatriate businessman and elected chairman of the board of trustees of Bangladesh Society, said that business competition can”t be stopped by publishing fake and fabricated news. He also called upon the newspaper not to be used as a tool for business conflict and revenge. He said business vendettas cannot be dealt with by publishing fake news.The publication of objective news benefits the country, nation and society. Diaspora journalists will also come forward for public welfare work by publishing their objective news. He said these things at a press conference on Tuesday evening (June 4) local time in New York at a party center in Jackson Heights to protest against the publication of fake and fabricated news about his business.
Mohammad Aziz said, his business company is Your Dream Home Care. On May 24, 2024, ‘Weekly Azkal’ published a news titled ‘Show Cause Notice to Your Dream Home Care’ published in the newspaper Weekly Ajkal from New York. Dissemination of false and fabricated news without verifying the facts before publishing the news has damaged the business organization as well as its social status. He also felt that Bangladesh Society, a beloved organization of expatriates, has been defamed in the published news.
He said that Shah Newaz, the editor and publisher of the weekly Azkal, not only considers him as a target, but considers his business company ‘Your Dream Home Care’ as a rival of Shah Newaz’s organization Golden Age Care. So he is trying to harm his business by presenting fake and fabricated news. It is normal for anti-social and unscrupulous people to spread filth in society, but when one is the editor and publisher of a newspaper, it is not at all desirable to be a business rival and spread slander. As a result, people will lose the trust they have in newspapers and the rumor papers named as these newspapers will be thrown out of the society.
Aziz said, 5 days after the publication of the news, on May 30, 2024, my lawyer also sent a legal notice to the authorities of Ajkal. But ignoring the lawyer’s letter, on May 31, 2024, the weekly Aajkal published another news titled ‘Various allegations against Aziz’. In the news, he questioned why he was kept as the chairman of the board of trustees of Bangladesh Society three times in a row. But he was elected president of Bangladesh Society for two consecutive times. He was elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees for his contributions by the elected members of the Society. Ajkal’s journalists and authorities do not even have the idea that by speaking against him, they are also speaking against Bangladesh Society, a symbol of community unity. However, they say these things have been said on behalf of potential candidates. He believes the potential candidates he has received information from are drawn from the community.
In his speech, he strongly protested the news published on May 24, 2024 titled ‘Show cause notice to Your Dream Home Care’ and ‘Allegations against Aziz’ on May 31, 2024.
He explained the news published on May 24, 2024 titled ‘Show Cause Notice to Your Dream Home Care’. Sources of the news are Misbah Abdin and Farida Yeasmin. Their filing sought an injunction against his organization for misrepresenting the case in published news reports. Much of what was alleged in the case was immediately denied based on the information they provided and issued with partial citations. However, the court did not take into account the closure of his business, or any allegations of manipulation in the business.

He gave the correct information in this regard,Weekly Ajkal has published news against him by promoting the so-called case of Misbah Abdin. Your Dream Home Care 2022 was sold by Misbah Abdin in the presence of a lawyer on August 4. But Misbah Abdin hid the $760,000 he owed the IRS during that sale. Later Aziz paid that amount after taking over. Since then, from just 69 clients, through their hard work, they are currently doing business with more than a thousand clients. In that case, Shah Nawaj’s Golden Age Home Care and other businesses received huge grants from the United States central government, but due to non-payment of money to customers, there was a deficit in the business. That is why his anger against them is immense. By making reports against Shah Nawaz through a newspaper owned by him, on the one hand he is spreading hatred towards him, on the other hand he is harming his business. For this he has prepared to take legal action. He mentioned that the preparation of the case is under process.
Mohammad Aziz, the elected chairman of the board of trustees of Bangladesh Society, said that he does not have any newspaper of his own. He and his organization are always remembered by journalists during any crisis. His plea was released in the community’s interest. Even today, in the interest of the community, he wants to bring it to the public through journalists. He works for the benefit of the community. They have served the community as much as they can on their behalf. In return, he received passionate love.
He said that Misbah Abedin had known for 35 years. He is her longtime neighbor. Misbah would have gone to jail the next day if he had filed a case for the kind of fraud Misbah had committed against him. But thinking of his family and children, Aziz did not file a case against him. Aziz mentioned that the case he filed against his business was also fueled by Shah Nawaz. Now he also said that he will file a defamation case.
Referring to the personal attacks in the published news, Aziz said that people who are beaten by their wives in front of thousands of people in broad daylight also want to become leaders of this society. Before talking about someone’s personal matters, one should think about one’s own character.
He said that after insulting the Bangladesh Society, Sarwar Khan Babu, one of the members of the society, questioned him and threatened to shoot Aziz. Sarwar Khan Babu, who was present at the time, also narrated the actual incident in front of the journalists. He said, no one can threaten to kill a person in broad daylight. Especially in the United States. He said that if he has to testify in court, he will testify.
At the beginning of the press conference, Mohammad Aziz’s written statement was read out by Jolly Ahmed, media director of Your Dream Home Care. Faisal Aziz, CEO of the same organization, in his speech described the case of Misbah Abdin and his terrible fraud.
The press conference was attended by dignitaries from abroad besides various media workers of New York.


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