Mysterious death of a Bangladeshi student in the United States

BanglaPress Desk
September 19, 2020

Staff Reporter: A Bangladeshi student has mysteriously died in Los Angeles, USA. Police recovered the body of 18-year-old Farhan Pasha from an apartment at 126 Mariposa Road in the city on August 18 at noon local time.
Farhan lived with his mother Fatema Johra Ripa and sick grandfather on the third floor of the apartment. Farhan Pasha was admitted in the first year of Riverside University of California this year.
According to family sources, Farhan Pasha’s mother returned home from work at around 12 noon, found no sound in Farhan’s room, opened the door and saw the frozen body and called Masood and his wife in the next building.
After calling the emergency number, the fire department, medical team and police came and recovered Farhan’s body and sent it for autopsy. Police also collected some evidence from the room of the deceased and took it away. Police did not allow anyone to enter the room. Even relatives did not allow anyone to see the body. Mother Fatema Johra Ripa is repeatedly fainting after the death of her son.
Many neighbors and relatives described the incident as a sign that Farhan may have committed suicide due to depression, but nothing could be said about the cause of death except a police investigation report. Farhan was calm. They said he would not go out too much.
Fatema Johora Ripa has been living in the United States for the past seven years with her two children Fatin Pasha, 22, and Farhan Pasha 18, as immigrants at her brother’s request. The eldest son, Fatin Pasha, is studying computer science at the University of California, San Diego.
Farhan’s father Brigadier General (Retd.) Jaglul Pasha stayed in the country due to his job. He recently retired. Farhan’s father’s home is in Khamardanga, Pangsha, Rajbari district.