Rumors of Bangladeshis joining Biden’s administration!

BanglaPress Desk
November 24, 2020

Staff Reporter: Expatriate Bangladeshis in the United States are rumored to be joining the administration of the newly elected 46th President of the United States Joe Biden. The issue of Arun Majumder and Mala Adiga both Bengalis of Indian descent, being in the Biden’s administration is almost finalized, according to US media reports. However, the conscious expatriates have mentioned that the rumors of four people of Bangladeshi descent are mere rumors.
A senior journalist in New York expatriate said on condition of anonymity that some of the weekly newspapers published from New York were already published by a former diplomat living in Virginia in the United States and a Bangladeshi expatriate currently associated with US politics. Osman Siddique has confirmed that he has become Biden’s adviser. Although he tried to get cheap praise in the community by publishing such flashy news, he mentioned that in fact those newspapers have become isolated from the readers day by day. He urged the expatriates to beware of such flashy and false news or rumors of Bangladeshis being included in Biden’s administration.
A fake news that has been published recently has spread in various media. The news published in various media and social media in the country and abroad is fake, said Dr. Osman’s social media on Facebook. “I would like to say that the recent rumors that I have been appointed as the Biden administration’s senior adviser on South Asia are not correct,” Osman said. I am still a Senior Advisor to the South Asians for Biden Campaign Group. ‘
Former Minister of Education. Osman Farooq’s younger brother said. M Osman Siddique is a former diplomat and currently associated with US politics. In 1999, President Clinton appointed him ambassador to the island nations of Fiji, Tonga, Tubalu and Nauru.
During the coup in Fiji in 2000, Dr. played a special role in protecting the democratic process and rehabilitating the country. Osman. He is the first American Muslim diplomat to head a US mission to another country. Currently living in the McLean area of ​​the US state of Virginia.
Meanwhile, Seattle-based Washington Attorney Tahmina Watson, Michigan Attorney Mausumi M. Khan and Virginia’s young Democratic leader Anika Rahman are also coming to Biden’s administration. But none of them are sure. Some of them are lobbying to join the Biden-Kamala transition administration. However, there is a good chance that Indian Arun Majumdar will be in Biden’s cabinet. According to the Washington Post, Arun Majumdar could be the Minister of Energy.
On the other hand, Mala Adiga of Indian descent is coming to Biden’s administration. Joe Biden also announced Mala’s name on Friday as he announced the names of four new White House staffers.
Mala a resident of Illinois, graduated from Grinnell college. She also studied at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and the University of Chicago Law School. Malala, a lawyer by profession, has long worked as a consultant for a law firm in Chicago. Then in 2008 he joined the Barack Obama campaign.
On Friday, Mala Adiga, of Indo-US descent, was named the “First Lady” of Jill Biden’s policy. It was understood from the outset that people with roots in South Asia were gaining special importance in Biden’s administration. Arun Majumder, who has been in Biden’s cabinet since the election of future Vice President Kamala Harris, has a long list. This time Mala was added to that list.
Biden’s relationship with Mala Adiger is very long. She served as senior policy adviser to the Biden-Orange Harris campaign. She was also the head of the Biden Foundation’s Department of Higher Education and Military Families. She has also held important positions in the Barack Obama administration. Democrats have always been dominated by blacks and people of Asian descent. From the very beginning, Biden has placed several people of Indian descent in important positions in his administration. The biggest example is the appointment of Kamala Harris, a native of Tamil Nadu, as Vice President or the appointment of Bengali Professor Arunav alias Arun Majumdar to the Cabinet.