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‘I’ll see first, I’ll get vaccinated later’

by BanglaPress Desk

Staff Reporter: Expatriate Bangladeshis are not yet mentally ready to be vaccinated against the common epidemic of corona virus in the United States. Although there is a desire to get vaccinated, many people are worried about side effects. The U.S. public has been taking the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine since Monday. Talking to expatriates in different states about the introduction of Pfizer-Biotech corona virus vaccine in public, most of the expatriates said in unison, “I will see first, I will get vaccinated later”.
In the first phase, 3 million doses of vaccine have already been sent to each state. The corona virus vaccine was sent to 145 centers from dawn on Sunday, December 13, by truck and plane, wrapped in dry ice, to be stored at a temperature of minus 60 degrees. The vaccine will be delivered to 491 more centers on Tuesday and Wednesday, said General Gustave Perna, the distribution supervision officer.
He added that 3 million people are being vaccinated in the first phase. The initiative is aimed at bringing 100 million Americans under the vaccine by March next year.
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urgently approved Pfizer’s corona vaccine after it proved to be 95 percent effective. U.S. experts have also called for the immediate approval of Pfizer-Biontech’s Covid-19 vaccine.
Meanwhile, 30 percent of people in the United States are reluctant to get the corona virus vaccine! According to a survey by PR firm Bosper, one-third of adults in the country say they do not trust the vaccine to fight the virus.
Speaking about their motives behind the survey, Bospar chief executive Curtis Sparra told the media, “I see many people protesting against the lock down.” We conduct such surveys to find out what people actually think. I am disappointed with the overall picture. I bet many more people will not get vaccinated.
The survey was conducted in late April, 28th and 29th. Market survey firm Propeller has partnered with Bosper. They spoke to 1,000 adults. Participants were asked if they wanted to be vaccinated when the vaccine was developed, as well as what their attitudes toward those who would be vaccinated were.
Americans’ reluctance to vaccinate is nothing new. Sparra says that attitude has not changed since Corona arrived. Among those aged 18 to 24, 57.6 percent want to be vaccinated. The idea that young people are less susceptible to the disease is that many people do not want to be vaccinated.
There is also a difference in educational qualifications between those who want to be vaccinated and those who do not. 81% of people who have passed the Masters want to get vaccinated. Hundreds of companies around the world are trying to find a vaccine for the corona virus. Last March, the University of Oxford in the UK conducted a human trial of their Chadox 1 Encv-19 vaccine. China has also given a trial. Several companies in the United States gave a trial. The Mardana Company started the first trial in collaboration with the US administration.
About twenty-five expatriate Bangladeshis from New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Connecticut and Washington, D.C. Most of the expatriates said in unison, ‘I will see first, I will take the vaccine later’. The opinion of each of them is that they will not make any decision to get vaccinated suddenly without seeing the side effects of Pfizer vaccine.
Corona virus infections have already spread around the world since they were first detected in Wuhan, China, in December last year. The virus, which has infected billions of people, has claimed the lives of millions of people. The United Kingdom is the first country in the world to approve the vaccine invented by Pfizer-Biontech. The vaccine was introduced to the general population of the country last Tuesday. The virus, invented by Pfizer-Biontech, is said to provide 95 percent protection. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also considers the vaccine to be safe.
As of Sunday, 7 crore 23 lakh 96 thousand 797 people have been diagnosed with corona infection worldwide. 16 lakh 16 thousand 44 people died. 5 crore 7 lakh 24 thousand 536 people have recovered. There are one crore 99 lakh 98 thousand 808 people under treatment. Of these, the condition of one lakh 6 thousand 825 people is alarming. In the last 24 hours, 6 lakh 38 thousand 30 people have been affected by corona. 10 thousand 432 people died in one day.


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