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US study: How coronavirus destroys the lungs

by BanglaPress Desk

Staff Reporter: The University of Boston in the United States is conducting research on how the lungs are being destroyed due to corona infection. Studies have shown that the Covid-19 virus causes the most damage to the lungs. They have explored the ways in which the lungs are being captured and damaged. Researchers hope that the research results will help in the treatment of covid.
The report, published in the journal Molecular Journal, states that “mass spectrometry” technology has been used to understand the character of molecules in samples. Studies have shown that proteins and molecules present in lung cells change their pathways after being infected with the SARS-Cove-2 virus.
Researchers say that a phase of protein called ‘phosphorylation’ regulates the function of proteins in cells. Healthy cells are rich in protein and its phosphorylation. But the change came only when Sars-Cove-2 attacked. Abundant phosphorylation occurs in lung cells resulting in abnormal changes in the amount of protein. Due to this change, the virus greatly increases its number and gradually begins to destroy the cells.
According to the researchers, there are already 18 approved drugs used in other diseases that can also be used to treat Covid-19. However, research is needed to find out how powerful the drugs are.


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